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How to change the wake word on an Echo speaker or smart display

If you’re getting tired of saying “Alexa” to get your smart speaker’s attention, or if Amazon’s voice assistant keeps thinking you’ve called on it when you haven’t, it might be time to try a new name. Perhaps you’d prefer to invoke the capabilities of the assistant with the word “Computer,” and mimic life on the Starship Enterprise from the comfort of your home. Or maybe you’re one of the parents of the 6,000 babies who were named Alexa in 2015 before the AI was a household name (a number that unsurprisingly plummeted…

How to take Google Chrome screenshot on Windows laptop; awesomely simple

If you want to take Google Chrome screenshot on your Windows laptop, then check out the step-by-step guide here. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and has been on users’ devices for years now. It offers a wide range of features that can make the browsing experience easier and smoother. One of these is the Google Chrome screenshots tool. Yes, if you are not aware of this, Google Chrome brings its own feature to let you take screenshots with

Chromebook 101: how to customize your Chromebook’s desktop

Chrome OS isn’t the most option-packed operating system around, but there are some things you can do to make your Chromebook’s desktop look and work the way you want. Ready? Customize your Chromebook’s wallpaper First, let’s tackle your desktop’s basic appearance: Right-click anywhere on your Chromebook’s desktop and select Set wallpaper from the menu that appears. Click on one of Google’s categories to see a selection of preset images, or click the My Images option to choose an image from your own local storage. If…

WhatsApp launches Stranger Things Sticker! Know how to download

WhatsApp in collaboration with Netflix has launched the Stranger Things sticker. Check the step-by-step process to download here. As Volume 1 of the sci-fi horror drama series 'Stranger Things 4' premiered today on video-streaming platform Netflix, WhatsApp has introduced a new customised sticker pack in collaboration with Netflix. The new Stranger Things WhatsApp stickers have been developed by an LA-based design studio- STATE Design. It is rolling out to

Facebook Protect: How to Facebook Protect your account with two-factor authentication (2FA) and other security measures

Facebook bought its new security program called Facebook Protect to India among many other countries across the globe back in 2021. If this is the first time you’re hearing it, perhaps you’re wondering what Protect is and how it can help you. To begin with, this program is targeted at protecting high-risk users on the social networking platform and has enrolled more than 1.5 million people globally so far. Here’s a detailed article explaining all that you’d need to know about Facebook Protect – what it is, how to enable…

Google Lens is now MORE accessible to Chrome users! Know how to use Google Lens on Chrome

Google Lens is here to help you find information about any image more easily! Know how to use Google Lens on the Chrome browser. Google Lens will be more accessible to Chrome users henceforth! It has been available for mobile users where it was accessible through Google Apps or any native camera app available on Android smartphones. Earlier, in 2021, Google introduced the image searching tool Google Lens

WhatsApp on Android: Know how to free up storage on WhatsApp

If you are an Android user and want to free up storage on WhatsApp, here are the steps you need to follow. Phone storage is something you need to take care of on a daily basis to ensure it runs smoothly and you don't face any emergencies while downloading something important. The habit of saving more and more images, videos, files, among others on your phone requires a very pro-active stance from the phone user.. Everything you have on your phone takes a

How to update Android phone apps manually for a much smoother experience

Updating your Android phone apps makes your smartphone run smoothly. Check out how to update Android phone apps manually. Updating your Android phone apps is a key factor in keeping your smartphone’s software running smoothly and having the latest security and bug fixes. While these Android apps continuously introduce new updates and improve themselves, you've to download them before the latest update can be used. If you haven’t enabled automatic update,

Aether Industries IPO share allotment status date and how to check online

Aether Industries IPO share allotment status will be released next week on BSE and its registrar’s website Link Intime India Private Limited. Here’s how you can check online. Aether Industries’ initial public offering (IPO) was subscribed 6.26 times on the final day of its bidding. The specialty chemicals company’s IPO opened for subscription for 3 days on May 24, 2022, and concluded on May 26 at 5 pm. Aether Industries IPO share allotment status will likely

How to free space on Android phones: Get rid of this frustrating problem through these tips

Everyone is constantly running out of space on Android phones, no matter how big the storage is. If you too are running out of memory space on your Android phone, then check these 5 tips to free up storage. A good processor, awesome camera performance, long battery life, great display and a lot more are common factors everyone checks out before buying a smartphone. One of these important requirements is the storage to hold all your daily memories in the form