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Poco M6 5G tipped to be a rebranded Redmi 13C 5G

Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi launched the Redmi 13C 5G in India a few days ago, which, according to tipster Kacper Skrzypek, will launch as the Poco M6 5G in some markets. The Redmi 13C 5G could also be relaunched as the Poco M6 5G in India since the brand has rebadged and introduced smartphones from the Redmi lineup as Poco phones in the Asian country before. The Poco M6 Pro launched in August in India is a rebranded Redmi 12 5G that was introduced in the country in the same month. Redmi 13C 5G…

Twisted Metal Will Ride Again for Season 2

Image: PeacockA lot happened this summer, so it’s easy to forget that Twisted Metal aired on Peacock over the summer. Based on the now classic car combat PlayStation series, the show got decent reviews and was nominated at the recent Game Awards for Best Adaptation. Ultimately it lost out to—and got overshadowed by—HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, but it sounds like it was overall good, disposable fun on a weekly basis. Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedFans of the show will be pleased to

Mace Windu Leads Star Wars’ 2024 Novel, The Glass Abyss

Image: Random House WorldsThe prequel trilogy of Star Wars films (and similar material set in the same time period) introduced audiences to plenty of new Jedi, with one of the most striking being Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu. Though he’s one of the most important players of that era, he hasn’t always gotten a chance to headline a story all on his own: the only novel in which he’s a leading man was 2004's Shatterpoints by Matt Stover.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedLucasfilm has opted to

This week in AI: Mistral and the EU’s fight for AI sovereignty

Keeping up with an industry as fast-moving as AI is a tall order. So until an AI can do it for you, here’s a handy roundup of recent stories in the world of machine learning, along with notable research and experiments we didn’t cover on their own. This week, Google flooded the channels with announcements around Gemini, its new flagship multimodal AI model. Turns out it’s not as impressive as the company initially made it out to be — or, rather, the “lite” version of the model (Gemini Pro) Google released this week…

Amazon UK is offering cashback, other discounts for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

Last week we found a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 offer that came with a £200 voucher (which is still available, by the way). This week there are yet more such deals and they cover phones (foldable and otherwise), tablets and even accessories. We will start with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, which is available in both 256GB and 512GB trims – both have £200 discounts in the form of a voucher. If you don’t want a foldable, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra gets an…

Beeper Mini team says a fix is ‘coming soon’ and promises to extend users’ free trials

The Beeper Mini team has apparently been working around the clock to resolve the , and says a fix is “very close.” And once the fix rolls out, users’ seven-day free trials will be reset so they can start over fresh. Beeper Mini was released earlier this week, and seemed an especially promising entrant due to its unique approach to bridging the iMessage-Android gap. The app, reportedly the result of a 16-year-old’s work to reverse-engineer iMessage, routes messages directly through Apple’s own servers, making it more…

System of intelligence — generative AI at the app layer

Jonathan Golden Contributor Jonathan Golden is a partner at NEA and a former director of product at Airbnb. More posts by this contributor Changing consumer behavior is the key to unlocking billion-dollar businesses Generative AI is a paradigm shift in technology, and it will spur a massive shift in enterprise spend over the next decade and beyond. Transformations of this magnitude can feel rapid on the surface, especially when they make a huge splash…

Season 5 Resumes Production in January 2024

Image: NetflixWith the Hollywood strikes now having wrapped in full, productions are able to start back up again. Stranger Things, according to Deadline, is set to get back to work in early January.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedSources speaking to the outlet claims the show will get back into the swing of things pretty much right after the New Year starts, with dates ranging from January 5 to a few days later on the 8th. Until then, table reads are expected to kick up over the next few

Robotics Q&A with Boston Dynamics’ Aaron Saunders

For the next few weeks, TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter Actuator will be running Q&As with some of the top minds in robotics. Subscribe here for future updates. Part 1: CMU’s Matthew Johnson-Roberson Part 2: Toyota Research Institute’s Max Bajracharya and Russ Tedrake Part 3: Meta’s Dhruv Batra This time it’s Boston Dynamics CTO, Aaron Saunders. He has been with the company for more than 20 years, most recently serving as its vice president of Engineering.  What role(s) will generative AI play in the future of…

Fortnite Festival Brings an Ounce of That Old Rock Band Magic Back From the Dead

Is Rock Band back? Well, kinda, maybe, eventually. Epic Games revealed the new Fortnite experience Fortnite Festival, a new update that lets players take their persona out of the battle royale and stuff a guitar or pair of drumsticks in their hands in rhythm game action familiar to any old Guitar Hero fans.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI Unlocked Just like the recently announced Lego Fortnite survival crafting game and arcade racer Rocket Racing created by Rocket League developers Psyonix, Festival…