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Nicolas Cage Celebrates 59th Birthday With Anticipated Vampire Comedy On The Way

You read that right, Nicolas frickin’ Cage just turned 59-years-old. Anyone else feel as old as we do? A true-blue Hollywood mainstay, Cage has been keeping audiences on their toes for over forty years. Part man, part myth, part legend — we couldn’t be happier for a guy who has graced us with some of the most compelling characters ever put to film. After all, he’s stolen the Declaration of Independence, an Arizona baby, and at least a few fast cars over the course of his career — or at least that’s what it looked like…

Take A Look Back At Brad Pitt’s Dating History On His 59th Birthday

Brad Pitt is one of the world’s most attractive men and a Hollywood icon! He’s stealing hearts with his charisma since he was young and Hollywood queens are well aware of his charm. On his 59th birthday, take a look back at Brad Pitt’s dating history. SinittaBrad Pitt has a long list of girlfriends, however, the list starts with the singer, Sinitta. She is also known for her television appearances. Pitt and singer Sinitta reportedly were in a relationship from 1986 to 1988. Jill SchoelenAfter parting ways with Sinitta,…

Son surprises dad a Jawa 42 on his 59th birthday

Everyone loves receiving gifts. We have seen videos of people gifting expensive things like cars and bikes to children and often children also do the same for their parents. Here we have one such incident from Karnataka where a man surprised his father with his dream bike a Jawa 42 motorcycle on his 59th birthday. A video of the whole event has now surfaced online and that shows how his father reacted to his brand new ride. The video has been shared by Ujwal Sidnag or usidbodypro on Instagram page. In this video,…

Doctor Who Celebrates Its 59th Anniversary With 60th Teases

Image: BBCFifty-nine years ago today, families across the UK sat down to tune into “An Unearthly Child,” the beginning of an adventure across space and time decades in the making for Doctor Who. We’ve come a long way since then, and gained double the Davids Tennant since we last celebrated, and the BBC really wants you to remember that.To mark the 59th anniversary of the series today, the BBC has largely celebrated by looking ahead to next year’s big 6-0. You want a new logo? You got it, Whovians, it’s basically the same