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Tesla Cybertruck Fails, Accidents, Malfunctions Ridiculed in Memes

Elon Musk may not have engineered Tesla‘s Cybertruck himself, but he certainly had plenty of input on how to build a vehicle that looks like “the future,” as he has often said. And he’s been sure to advertise the truck as an extension of his gonzo brand, touting its supposedly bulletproof construction and claiming it will eventually be able to function as a boat. All that salesmanship, alas, may not compensate for the reputation that Cybertrucks have acquired since an underwhelming delivery event in November kicked…

Volvo Introduces Advanced Safety Technology To Alert Drivers of Accidents Ahead

Last Updated: March 05, 2024, 16:17 ISTVolvo Introduces Advanced Safety Technology To Alert Drivers of Accidents Ahead. (Photo: Volvo Cars)Volvo introduces Accident Ahead Alert, utilizing real-time data to warn drivers of nearby crashes, enhancing safety and reducing congestion in Europe.Volvo Cars has recently come up with a fascinating innovation that will help drivers avoid any accidents occurring in the surrounding area.The Swedish manufacturer has introduced several safety features over the past few years. The…

Volvo Cars’ connected safety technology can alert drivers of accidents ahead, ET Auto

The Accident Ahead Alert feature is currently available in Denmark on all 90, 60 and 40 series Volvo car models, from model year 2016 and onwards.You’re driving down a winding country road. It’s impossible to see beyond the road in front of you. Suddenly, your Volvo car alerts you: there’s been an accident ahead. As you calmly decelerate and come around the next curve, you see a crashed car in your lane. Thanks to the warning, you were prepared and could react

AI Cameras Ineffective? Road Accidents In Kerala Rose By Over 4,000 Cases In 2023

Despite the implementation of new artificial intelligence (AI) cameras across Kerala, road accidents in the state have surged. In 2023 alone, there was an alarming increase of over 4,000 cases. However, on a somewhat brighter note, the number of fatalities resulting from road accidents has seen a decline. In 2023, Kerala recorded a staggering 48,141 road accident cases, as per police data. This figure represents a substantial rise from the 43,910 cases reported in 2022 and the 33,296 cases reported in 2021, indicating a…

A Look Back At Fatal Accidents That Have Occurred On Movie Sets

Tragedy can strike anywhere, even in Hollywood. In fact, it sometimes happens on film sets. Even though all sets have serious safety precautions in place, horrible accidents still happen and sometimes actors, crew members, or both, are killed. Here is our list of some of those tragic stories when people died on a film set.  These entries are hard to read, but it is important to remember the victims who died doing the work that they loved and dedicated their lives to. (Image credit: (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for…

187 Mahindra ScorpiInterceptor Vehicles with Specialized Tyre Scanners to Curb Fatal Road Accidents in Maharashtra

In response to the escalating number of fatal road accidents caused by tyre bursts, Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across Maharashtra are gearing up with a fleet of 187 interceptor vehicles, now equipped with specialized tyre scanners. The move comes after a surge in crashes attributed to tyre failures last year. The distribution of interceptor vehicles sees Pune RTOs leading with seven each, while Mumbai RTOs receive three each, with an exception for Tardeo RTO, which is set to get four.According to an RTO…

Delhi Metro: New Signages, Videos, and Digital Screens Aim to Prevent Tragic Accidents After Woman’s Saree Mishap

Published By: Samreen PallLast Updated: January 10, 2024, 17:27 ISTDelhi Metro: New Signages, Videos, and Digital Screens Aim to Prevent Tragic Accidents After Woman's Saree Mishap. (File photo)Delhi Metro launches a safety campaign after a woman's fatal accident due to her saree getting caught in a train door.From new signages inside trains to messages on social media, the Delhi Metro has started a new safety campaign in the wake of a recent incident in which a woman suffered fatal injuries after her saree got caught in

This Test Can Tell How Likely a Young Driver Is to Crash

Listen to article(2 minutes)It’s a nervous parent’s dream: finding out your children’s risk of a driving accident before they get behind the wheel of a car.Many of us might think we can predict what kind of drivers our kids will be, but it’s impossible to know whether teens will brake too hard or steer straight when they finally are able to drive. Insurance companies have apps to track teen driving, but that information only comes after they’re on the road.Copyright ©2024Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Boeing CEO Says Company Needs to Acknowledge ‘Our Mistake’

Updated Jan. 9, 2024 5:07 pm ETBoeing CEO David Calhoun said the company needs to acknowledge its mistake as the aircraft maker reels from a door-plug failure that has resulted in roughly 170 of its planes being grounded and spooked its customers. “We are gonna approach this—No. 1—acknowledging our mistake,” Calhoun said Tuesday in an address to employees just days after the incident on an Alaska Airlines flight. “We’re gonna approach it with 100% and complete transparency every step of the way.”Copyright ©2024Dow Jones

Alaska Airlines Blowout Reveals Cockpit Door Vulnerability on Boeing Jet

After an emergency exit-sized hole opened in the side of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 at 16,000 feet, a separate chaotic episode erupted when the cockpit door mysteriously flew open.That meant the pilots were subjected to the deafening wind and noise from the back of the plane—and also made the cockpit accessible to anyone inclined to try to force their way in.Copyright ©2024Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8 After an emergency exit-sized hole opened in the side of