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Did John Cena’s Agency Wanted Him To Reject The Barbie Movie Cameo?

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has a brief yet unforgettable cameo by John Cena. The actor talked about him receiving advice to not accept the role. Greta’s Barbie featured a humorous moment starring the WWE star as Ken, who enacted the role of a Merman in a special appearance. Nevertheless, the celebrity disclosed in a recent interview that he was told not to accept the Barbie offer by his agent during the latters visit on The Howard Stern Show. View this post on Instagram A post shared by…

John Cena reveals his agency advised him not to do Barbie cameo | Hollywood

John Cena's brief role as merman Ken in Greta Gerwig's Barbie made for a hilarious scene in the blockbuster film. Yet, in a new interview during his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the star revealed that he was advised by his agency not to take on the part. (Also read: Margot Robbie opens up about crisis before filming Barbie: ‘I’d spent years trying to get this movie going’) John Cena starred in a cameo in Barbie. What John Cena saidSpeaking during his recent appearance, “So it's not a big team,…

Byju’s rights issue: Rights issue subscribed, will appoint agency on capital use and update shareholders: Byju Raveendran

Ahead of the Friday extraordinary general meeting (EGM), where a group of investors is seeking to remove Byju Raveendran as CEO of Byju’s and change the board, the founder informed shareholders that the $200 million rights issue is fully subscribed. He is taking further steps to ensure transparency on the usage of the funds.“In order to increase shareholder representation, I commit to restructuring the Board and appointing two non-executive directors to the Board by the mutual consent of the founder and shareholders;…

American Airlines raises bag fees, limits miles for travel agency bookings

An American Airlines plane sits at the gate at Cancun International Airport on May 26, 2023.Daniel Slim | AFP | Getty ImagesAmerican Airlines has raised the price to check a bag for the first time in more than five years and said it would limit which travel agency bookings are eligible to earn frequent flyer miles.Passengers will pay $35 to check a first bag for domestic flights if the service is booked online in advance, or $40 if they purchase the option at the airport, the carrier said Tuesday. Both options previously…

How to hire an SEO agency: The definitive guide

You’re ready to hire SEO help – where should you start?  This guide goes A to Z on selecting and vetting an SEO agency, including the exact things you need to watch for as you search for the perfect one.In this article: In-house SEO or SEO agency: Which is right for your business? One of the first questions many businesses face as they ramp up their SEO efforts is: Should we hire in-house or outsource?  The answer depends on your budget and your goals. Each option has its benefits. In a perfect world,

3 tips to be a great data steward for agency clients

Automation and AI have given us tools to reduce (often drastically) the time we spend on more tedious PPC tasks. That means as agency partners, we need to shift toward acting more as consultants for our clients. We must use our expertise to provide strategy and guidance that leads to business growth rather than hands-on-keys busywork.A key area where we can leverage our expertise by identifying how clients can use data effectively while ensuring compliance with evolving privacy and security regulations. 1.

ai cloned voice robocalls illegal: US agency FCC declares AI cloned voice robocalls illegal

Calls made with AI-generated voices are illegal, the Federal Communications Commission said on Thursday, after a fake robocall imitating President Joe Biden sought to dissuade people from voting for him in New Hampshire's Democratic primary election.The declaratory ruling gives state attorneys general new tools to go after the entities behind the robocalls, FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said.Elevate Your Tech Prowess with High-Value Skill CoursesOffering CollegeCourseWebsiteMITMIT Technology Leadership and…

How to build a $10 million SEO agency

Jon and Zach Ball in 2011 What does it take to build a $10 million agency? Let’s break it down. A $10 million agency generates an average of  $833,000 monthly revenue. Page One Power does link building and content. Its average client is $7,500/month. That means we need 111 clients to clear $833,000 monthly. Because this is the SEO industry, we lose about 5% of our business every month from clients changing their goals or just wanting something else, so they move on.That means we need to sell seven new deals a

U.S. safety agency deepens probe of Tesla power steering loss, ET Auto

NHTSA said it is aware of over 50 vehicles allegedly towed as a result of the condition.U.S. safety regulators on Friday upgraded their probe into Tesla vehicles over power steering loss to the status of an engineering analysis - a required step before the agency could demand a recall.Tesla shares, which dropped more than 25% in January alone, fell more than 3% on Friday.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said the investigation covered about

The European Space Agency will test 3D printing metal on the ISS

The first metal 3D printer that will be used in space is to the International Space Station. The Cygnus NG-20 supply mission, which is carrying the 180kg (397 lbs) printer, launched on Tuesday and is set to arrive at the ISS on Thursday.Astronaut Andreas Mogensen will install the printer, which developed for the . The machine will then be controlled and monitored from Earth.Polymer-based 3D printers have been , but metal 3D printing in orbit is said to pose a trickier challenge. The machine will use a form of stainless…