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Human extinction threat ‘overblown’ says AI sage Marcus

Ever since the poem churning ChatGPT burst on the scene six months ago, expert Gary Marcus has voiced caution against artificial intelligence's ultra-fast development and adoption.But against AI's apocalyptic doomsayers, the New York University emeritus professor told AFP in a recent interview that the technology's existential threats may currently be "overblown." "I'm not personally that concerned about extinction risk, at least for now, because the scenarios are not that concrete," said Marcus in San Francisco. "A more…

AI threatens humanity’s future, 61% of Americans say

The swift growth of artificial intelligence technology could put the future of humanity at risk, according to most Americans surveyed in a Reuters/Ipsos poll published on Wednesday.More than two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the negative effects of AI and 61% believe it could threaten civilization. Since OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot became the fastest-growing application of all time, the widespread integration of AI into everyday life has catapulted AI to the forefront of public discourse. ChatGPT has kicked off an…

Apocalypse? ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffett compares AI with atom bomb creation

Artificial intelligence has been a theoretical concept for a long time for people until the rise in popularity of AI tools such as OpenAI's ChatGPT. Since the beginning of this year, AI has been a hot topic with analysts and influential business figures weighing in on the same. With the emergence of ChatGPT, Dall-E, Bard, and many more such tools, AI has come into applicability for most people in day-to-day life. However, there is growing apprehensions about AI chatbots' potential misuse and also that it will lead to the…