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Gigi Hadid says `all`s well that ends well` in latest Instagram post

Supermodel Gigi Hadid`s latest post says "all`s well that ends well" as she posed in a bikini after the news of her getting arrested went viral. On July 18, news of Gigi being released after been arrested for possessing marijuana in Cayman Islands while on a trip with her friends took over the Internet. The supermodel was embarking on an all-girls` trip to the Cayman Islands on July 10 when she was arrested from the Owen Roberts International Airport, reports Gigi`s latest Instagram post, also posted…

What Timothée Chalamet And Taylor Russell Were Really Eating During Bones And All’s Brutal Cannibalism Scenes

Though Bones and All director Luca Guadagnino claims his latest film is a beautiful romance, the cannibalism flick has more so become one of the most-talked about horror movies as of late. Much of the conversation surrounding the production (which is the second collaboration between Timothée Chalamet and the Call Me by Your Name director) is about the brutal scenes that show the lead characters consuming human flesh. Well, co-lead Taylor Russell revealed what she and her co-stars were actually eating during those…

How Timothée Chalamet Fans Caused Bones And All’s Milan Red Carpet To Get Shut Down

Never underestimate the overwhelming power of Timothée Chalamet’s fanbase. At the Milan premiere of his new film Bones and All so many of the actor’s fans showed up that they had to shut down the red carpet event. The sheer number of people ended up causing a big enough safety concern that it was deemed necessary to suspend the event. So, sorry Chalamet stans, you won’t be catching a glimpse of the Dune actor today. According to Variety, local police shut down the event because there were too many people present. While…