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Pixel Watch update brings a much-requested Apple Watch feature

The Pixel Watch is a solid first outing as Google’s debut smartwatch. However, it’s still lacking a handful of features that early adopters have been requesting that are found on similar devices. Luckily, today marks the start of the rollout of one frequently requested feature: fall detection. Fall detection is a crucial health and safety feature that all smartwatches are better for having, and now the Pixel Watch is finally joining the ranks of the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch with its addition. Andrew…

Google Employees Petition Pichai for Better Handling of Job Cuts

Almost 1,400 employees at Google parent Alphabet Inc. have signed a petition calling for better treatment of staff during the layoff process, after the company announced it was cutting 12,000 jobs.In an open letter addressed to Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai, employees made a series of demands of the company, including freezing new hires, seeking voluntary redundancies before compulsory ones, giving priority to laid off workers for job vacancies and letting workers finish scheduled periods of paid time off, such

YouTube Is Reinstating Donald Trump’s Channel

Google is ending its suspension of Donald Trump’s YouTube channel Friday, making it the last of the major U.S. social media companies to reverse course on a ban of the former president. Trump is effectively back online. How he chooses to connect with his reunited 2.6 million followers there, however, remains unclear.YouTube vice president of public policy Leslie Miller said in a statement that the ex-president’s account is “no longer restricted and the ability to upload new content is restored.” Axios first reported the…

Google Employees Petition CEO Sundar Pichai Over Job Cuts

1,367 employees have signed the letter, which calls for priority in rehiring severed Google employees and waiting until employees on leave return to the office before terminating them.Image: Sean GallupEmployees at Google are not happy with how CEO Sundar Pichai has handled the company’s ongoing layoffs. Around 1,400 employees have signed a letter addressed to Pichai after Google announced it would be cutting 12,000 jobs in its largest round of layoffs yet.As Bloomberg reports, Google’s employees aren’t happy with the

‘Meganets’ Excerpt—Why Do I Dread Opening Instagram and TikTok?

Do you ever open Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok and feel like the world is spinning rapidly off its axis? And that you’re just along for the ride, powerless to slow things down?Perhaps that feeling of vertigo is not as much a result of the worsening state of the world so much as the product of the digital systems—with the new addition of AI and ChatGPT to the pantheon—that portray it. Their designers meant to hold your attention, and what better motivator than fear and loathing?In Meganets: How Digital Forces Beyond Our…

Self-driving startup Gatik to double workforce, strikes Kroger deal, Auto News, ET Auto

Many investors in the self-driving industry have grown sceptical as complicated technology and tough safety regulations have delayed large-scale commercialization.Self-driving trucking startup Gatik will double its workforce by year end, a top executive said, after it announced a deal on Wednesday with grocer Kroger Co to transport goods within its Dallas, Texas network.Gatik, which operates traditional mid-sized trucks fitted with its autonomous technology, aimed to expand to 15 new U.S. states over five years, CEO…

Google unveils ‘magic wand’ to draft documents as AI race tightens

Alphabet Inc's Google on Tuesday unveiled a flurry of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for its email, collaboration and cloud software, taking aim at Microsoft Corp days before its rival is expected to make a similar announcement.In a replay of last month's dueling chatbot launches by the tech giants, Alphabet touted a "magic wand" for its popular Google Docs software that can draft a marketing blog, training plan or other text, then revise its tone at users' discretion, a company official demonstrated to reporters.

Facebook, Instagram Threaten to Pull the Plug on News in Canada

Photo: Spencer Colby (AP)Meta puffed out its chest over the weekend, threatening to block links to news sites in Canada from its social networks if the country moves forward with its “Online News Act,” which would force internet companies to pay publishers for their content. The statement follows similar ultimatums from Google over the bill, officially called C-18. Now, Big Tech looks like it’s on a collision course with Canadian lawmakers over the fate of online news in the US’ Northern neighbor.In a statement Monday, a

Google lets the beta users to reorder devices in Home app

Image Source : PIXABAY Google Google has been rolling out a new feature in its Home application for users in its latest beta programme, which will enable the user to reorder the devices as per their requirements. The Google Home team promised in December (2022) that it was "actively working on the ability to reorder your Favourites look out for that in the first half…

meta: Meta to end news access for Canadians if Online News Act becomes law

Facebook-parent Meta Platforms Inc said on Saturday that it would end availability of news content for Canadians on its platforms if the country's Online News Act passes in its current form.The "Online News Act," or House of Commons bill C-18, introduced in April last year laid out rules to force platforms like Meta and Alphabet Inc.'s Google to negotiate commercial deals and pay news publishers for their content."A legislative framework that compels us to pay for links or content that we do not post, and which are not…