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Madame Web Is the Best Superhero Movie 2003 Has to Offer

You may have heard that Madame Web is not a good movie. That there are, in fact, things about Madame Web that could be described as “The Worst.” I am not here to refute those claims; there are in fact many things about Madame Web that are not what you would feasibly call “good.” But in its surprise camp turn, it embraces its period setting to deliver a potent reminder on how far superhero movies have come, and what they’ve lost along the way.Doctor Strange 2's Sam Raimi on America ChavezMadame Web jukes where the…

Sony’s Spider-Man Shows Spin Up Some Interesting Developments

Image: Marvel Comics/Sony AnimationSony’s non-Spider-Man efforts to build its own Marvel universe have been all over the place, but one of the more intriguing additions were individual TV shows for Spider-Man Noir and relative newcomer Silk. While they’re both still a ways off, the two shows may be on opposite ends of the development spectrum: Noir’s show has possibly seen some substantial progress, while Silk’s series may have some bad luck on its hands.io9 Interview: Oscar Isaac Was 'All In' on Moon KnightAccording to

Hot Toys’ Latest Spider-Man 2 Figure Is Literally Superior

Image: Hot ToysSpider-Man is known for changing suit designs with reliable frequency, and there’s no better showcase for his evolving wardrobe than his array of video games. Now you can own a Hot Toys figure showcasing one of the most fan-beloved: the Superior Suit from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.The suit seen in Hot Toys’ Peter Parker (Superior Suit) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure takes its cues from Marvel’s 2013 Superior Spider-Man comics, and the Spider-Man figure itself is inspired by the game. It comes with a ton of

Send Love Across the Stars With io9’s Nerdy Valentines

Illustration: Vicky LetaHappy Valentines Day, you lovely nerds! io9's favorite tradition on this most romantic day is back, with another round of pop culture gag cards to send to your sweetie from some of the last year’s highlights in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and more. As always, our thanks to G/O Media art director Vicky Leta for bringing our punny missives to life.Illustration: Vicky LetaIllustration: Vicky LetaIllustration: Vicky LetaIllustration: Vicky LetaIllustration: Vicky LetaIllustration: Vicky LetaIllustration:

This Is One of the Coolest Spider-Man Collectibles We’ve Ever Seen

“Honey, I think I found the perfect piece for the center of the coffee table. No, it’s not distracting.”Image: Sideshow/MarvelWhile Spider-Man and the Sinister Six have yet to share the big screen together, they can soon have a major meet-up in your home. Sideshow Collectibles just revealed a stunning new Spidey statue that shows the character with the threat of the supergroup looming large over him, and it’s simply jaw-dropping.Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Vulture, and Sandman all surround

Across the Spider-Verse Almost Had a Crazy Spider-Man Game Easter Egg

Some of the best moments in both Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are the cross-medium crossovers. In Spider-Verse, the game’s Spider-Man briefly appears in Miguel O’Hara’s world. In Spider-Man 2, there’s a brief reference to Miguel and the movie’s multiverse too. Considering both projects were made independently, that there’s any crossover at all is probably a miracle but, apparently, there was almost another one.io9 Interview: Oscar Isaac Was 'All In' on Moon KnightSony recently got together…

Ultimate Spider-Man’s Relaunch Heralds a New Age of Heroes

When the Ultimate Marvel line launched 24 years ago, it wanted to bring Marvel’s heroes back to their roots, a modern world for modern titans to shape. In the last two and a half decades it lived, thrived, died, and was quietly reborn—but only now is Marvel taking the reigns on what shaping that rebirth should be, in a world with very different wants and needs than the last new Age of Heroes.io9 Interview: Oscar Isaac Was 'All In' on Moon KnightThe sense of yearning for something subsumes this week’s relaunch of Ultimate…

Into the Spider-Verse Remains Spider-Man’s Most Impactful Story

Goodness gracious, has it really been five years already?The year 2018 was a busy one for superhero movies, with game-changers like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War and delightful surprises in Deadpool 2 and the Teen Titans Go! movie. In this mix, no one really knew what to make of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Not only was it the first animated Spider-Man movie, it also served as the first big push for Miles Morales, who took over the role of Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe back in 2011 and entered…

Tom Holland Confirms Active Engagement

When you make the third highest-grossing film of all time, the first thing people will ask about is a sequel. That’s exactly what happened when 2021's Spider-Man No Way Home had its incredibly successful run. For the film’s star though, Tom Holland, a sequel isn’t a sure thing. To him, there’s more to it than money. There’s legacy and reputation—and in a new interview, he discussed all that, while also teasing what may be coming.“Even AI Rappers are Harassed by Police” | AI Unlocked“All I can say is that we have been…

Meet a New Wave of Spider-Heroines

Screenshot: Sony PicturesSony’s plans to expand its live-action Spider-Man universe has already given us some bizarre oddities like Morbius, and it looks like we’re not stopping any time soon. Our first look at the Madame Web movie is here, and it’s not just bringing one of comics’ most peculiar Spidey supports to the big screen, but a whole host of Spider-heroines.What is a Necrobotic Spider?Starring Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb—here a young paramedic whose brush with death leads to her developing the power of