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Next-generation Googles run a tighter ship

Mark Zuckerberg dubbed 2023 as Meta’s “year of efficiency", corporate-speak for admitting that his social-media empire was bloated. Since November Meta has cut 21,000 jobs, or about a quarter of its workforce. Bosses of its fellow tech titans have also embraced the efficiency mantra. Alphabet (Google’s corporate parent), Amazon and Microsoft have collectively shed more than 50,000 jobs since October. As big tech reports its earnings this week expect more talk of “re-engineering the cost base".…

American startups: Small reactor startups vie to push US into new nuclear era

Several American startups are working on building a new generation of small reactors that could push nuclear energy into a new phase, with support from the US government.During a recent hearing before the House Appropriations Committee, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm restated the "importance of nuclear energy" for the current administration regarding America's power supply.But despite the Biden administration's stated support for nuclear power, there are no new projects underway for any traditional nuclear…