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Global manufacturers anticipate an end to the chip shortage

Hyundai Motor Co, factory robot builder ABB and Swedish fridge maker Electrolux see the semi-conductor chip shortage easing, executives said in a boost for manufacturers after a long struggle for components. An increased supply of chips will reduce one burden facing an industry that is also battling raw material price inflation, a tight energy market and rising interest rates that are throwing a dampener on consumer demand. Hyundai turned in its best quarterly profit in eight years as a weak won currency lifted the value…

Half of Americans anticipate a U.S. civil war soon, survey finds | Science

Violence can seem to be everywhere in the United States, and political violence is in the spotlight, with the 6 January 2021 insurrection as exhibit A. Now, a large study confirms one in five Americans believes violence motivated by political reasons is—at least sometimes—justified. Nearly half expect a civil war, and many say they would trade democracy for a strong leader, a preprint posted today on medRxiv found. “This is not a study that’s meant to shock,” says Rachel…

Using AI to anticipate others’ behavior on the road

A motivating example of M2I. Top: Traditional marginal predictor often produces scene inconsistent trajectory predictions that collide with each other. Even for non-colliding predictions, it ignores the potential interaction between agent futures and may predict unrealistic behaviors. Bottom: Our proposed approach M2I predicts scene compliant trajectories by first identifying an influencer reactor pair in the scene. It then predicts marginal…