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Google fakes an AI demo, Grand Theft Auto VI goes viral and Spotify cuts jobs

Hey, folks, welcome to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter that recaps the past few days in tech. AI stole the headlines once again, with tech giants from Google to X (formerly Twitter) heading off against OpenAI for chatbot supremacy. But plenty happened besides. In this edition of WiR, we cover Google faking a demo of its new AI model (and giving out offensive notebooks to Black summit attendees), defense startup Anduril unveiling a fighter jet weapon, the continued fallout from the 23andMe hack,…

GTA VI: Grand Theft Auto VI teaser ignites frenzy among Indian gamers, apps

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) video game, slated for release in 2025, has set the gaming ecosystem buzzing with excitement as gamers discuss the possible storyline and streamers anticipate a surge in viewership.American game studio Rockstar Games, which has been working on GTA VI since 2014, released the first trailer of the game on Tuesday, confirming its setting to be based on a fictionalised version of Miami, called Vice City, with near-realistic graphics and introducing the franchise's first female…

Rising SUV Sale Detrimental To Road Safety In India, Says NCAP Chief

Last Updated: December 09, 2023, 14:30 ISTRising SUV Sale Detrimental To Road Safety In India, Says NCAP Chief. (Photo: Kia)David Ward made the above statement while addressing the three-day Global Road Safety Initiative event.The sale of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is increasing globally, including in India. The head of the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) has recently voiced concerns about this developing trend.“India needs to stop selling more SUVs like the US is doing to reduce the number of…

Musk Fanboys Rage at Center for Auto Safety Over Cybertruck Roast

Only a select few people who pre-ordered Tesla‘s long-delayed Cybertruck have received one so far — it helps to be Jay Leno, apparently — but fans of the futuristic vehicle have already convinced themselves it’s a flawless product, and another triumph for Elon Musk. And they’re just a tad defensive when someone suggests otherwise. On Thursday, the Center for Auto Safety took a swipe at the divisive truck in a tweet joking that anyone who drives one is insecure about their “manhood” and was “picked last in gym.”…

Volkswagen’s new exit warning system reduces dangers when opening doors, ET Auto

The system uses the LED light in the respective exterior mirror to inform the vehicle occupants if a road user is approaching from behind.The latest generation of the Volkswagen exit warning system helps to avoid dangerous situations when exiting the vehicle in inner-city traffic. The assist system can warn the driver and passengers about road users approaching the parked Volkswagen from behind. For example, within system limits, the system can detect cyclists, who are

Android Auto users can now save parking locations on Google Maps

Google Maps on Android Auto is getting a new feature. With this feature, users will be able to save their parking location when they arrive at their destination. Google Maps already allows Android and iPhone users to save their parking location in the app since 2017. With a few quick taps, users can access their phone’s location to remember where they’re parked. According to a report by 9to5Google, the feature is now coming to Google’s in-car infotainment app. Google Maps parking location on Android Auto: How it worksIn…

Google Maps in Android Auto can now save parking location

Google Maps on Android and iOS allows you to save your car’s parking location in the app. This feature comes in handy in places with large parking areas where it is easy to forget the exact location where you parked your car. To use this functionality, open Google Maps on your phone once you park your car, tap on the blue dot that shows your current location, and select the Save Parking option. While using this feature is easy, Google is now making it even easier for you to save your car’s parking location if you use…

BASF gives agriculture, battery units more autonomy but no plan to split, ET Auto

Battery materials and related recycling business units generated sales of more than 1 billion euros in 2022, but it is one of two areas where BASF invests the most.BASF plans to turn its agriculture, battery materials and coatings businesses into autonomous units to try to boost earnings, a major revamp for the German chemicals giant that has traditionally been highly integrated.The company, with sales of 87 billion euros (USD 94 billion) last year, will create legally

US self-driving industry seeks federal support, cites China risk, ET Auto

The industry faces new headwinds after California in October suspended the permit of General Motors' Cruise robotaxis to test on public roads.The U.S. Transportation Department needs to support the development of autonomous vehicles, a coalition of groups representing the industry warned on Thursday, saying the nascent industry risks losing out to competitors like China."The AV industry is at a critical juncture and in need of strong leadership from USDOT," the

Google Maps expands its ‘save parking location’ feature to Android Auto; Know how to use it

Everyone loves long drives in their cars. Whether it is to visit a new location or just a trip to the mall, your vehicles allow you the convenience of hassle-free travel. However, many still avoid going to such spots in a car due to one fear — public parking issues. We are not talking about the issue of finding a parking spot, however, we are specifically talking about remembering that odd parking spot you found after a hassle of 15 minutes, whether it is in the basement of the mall or a designated open spot with 100…