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Tesla Employee Claims Autopilot Video Was Faked

The video, released by Tesla in 2016, shows a Tesla dropping off its passenger before driving and parking on its own. Gif: Gizmodo/TeslaTesla’s Autopilot is a prime example of overpromising and underdelivering, but there’s a new wrinkle in the feature’s history: A Tesla engineer is now says that a 2016 video showing the car’s ability to drive and park itself was staged.Reuters is reporting that Ashok Elluswamy, an autopilot engineer at Tesla, alleged in a deposition that the video illustrating one of the company’s

New MIT Research Indicates That Automation Is Responsible for Income Inequality

A newly published paper quantifies the extent to which automation has contributed to income inequality in the U.S., simply by replacing workers with technology — whether self-checkout machines, call-center systems, assembly-line technology, or other devices.Recent data suggests that the majority of the increase in the wage gap since 1980 can be attributed to automation replacing less-educated workers.When using self-checkout machines in supermarkets and drugstores, it is unlikely that you are bagging your purchases as…

8 Jobs Our New AI Overlords Plan to Kill

Image: Yuricazac (Shutterstock)Could AI text and image generators replace human artists? That’s the million-dollar question. As the world marvels at the advent of tools like OpenAI’s image generator DALL-E, it can’t help but seem possible, if not likely. So far, programs like DALL-E have mostly served as novelties (at Gizmodo, we’ve used them to do a lot of dopey stuff, like insert U.S. Presidents into the world of Game of Thrones or spin up nightmarish modernist paintings of Seinfeld characters). But as the programs get

How Automation and AI can be Integrated into the Recruiting Process?

Automation and AI can be integrated into the recruiting process using recruitment software to attract top talents AI and Automation are taking over the recruitment landscape which helps to add to the human element of HR. Automation and AI can be integrated into the recruiting process using AI-based and automated software and recruitment analytics. Employers would attract top talents and provide unmatched candidate experience. Recruitment Automation is an innovative technology that allows companies to automate recruiting…

Inside Japan’s long experiment in automating eldercare

Japan has been developing robots to care for older people for over two decades, with public and private investment accelerating markedly in the 2010s. By 2018, the national government alone had spent well in excess of $300 million funding research and development for such devices. At first glance, the reason for racing to roboticize care may seem obvious. Almost any news article, presentation, or academic paper on the subject is prefaced by an array of anxiety-­inducing facts and figures about Japan’s aging population:…

The Human Cost of Amazon Sparrow: How Automation is Impacting Warehouse Workers

In a warehouse some half an hour to the west of Boston, Amazon showcased the brilliance of a new high-functioning automated storage and retrieval system- capable of replicating human efficiency in picking and placing operations. The robot Sparrow is the “first robotic system in our warehouses that can detect, select, and handle individual products in our inventory” the company’s November news release reads.Joe Quinlivan, Vice President of Amazon’s technology and logistics team describes the robot as a “major leap” for…

I just watched McDonald’s next step into automation and why are you so mad about it?

SOPA Images/Getty ImagesI tried to ignore the noise.more Technically Incorrect Perhaps McDonald's had slipped this thing out just before Christmas in the hope that people would be in too good a mood to get mad.But people always find a way to get mad. Social media encourages it. And when images of this appeared on social media, well, there was a reaction.Wait, what are we talking about? McDonald's presenting a new, largely automated, drive-thru and takeaway-focused version of the restaurant in a tiny part of Texas.

VYN Automation Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for System Analyst

A very greetings of the day!!Let’s shine your L -> Focus on Learning instead of earning in your initial phase.As the learning phase starts everyone asks about the real-world usage of those learnings to grab more power in the respective domain, but ultimately when you reach that point of the interview, the scenario changes certainly because of the time you have given in the journey of your 4 years of your college, totally changes your perception.When I was in my first year, very much active in the DSA ( Data Structures…

Formlabs’ new automation accessories turn its 3D printers into mini factories

There are plenty of reasons why we’re not yet in a mass-production revolution enabled by 3D printing. One of them is the technology is time-consuming and often forces you to leave a print running overnight without supervision. It means there’s likely plenty of dead time, when a finished print is sat in the hopper, and there’s nobody around to pull it out and get the next one going. It’s a problem that Formlabs is hoping to address with its “Automation Ecosystem,” a family of products you can bolt on to some of its…

Chewy Looks to Open More Automated Fulfillment Centers in Drive to Control Costs

Online pet retailer Chewy Inc. plans to open more automated fulfillment centers in 2023 to control costs and raise efficiency, which could help the company repurpose certain capital spending, its finance chief said. The Plantation, Fla.-based company, which sells equipment, food, medication and other products for pets, in 2020 opened the first of these centers in Jessup, Pa., followed by one in Belton, Mo., in 2021 and another in Reno, Nev., in August. In the coming 15 months, Chewy will open…