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Fantastic Gifts for the Skywatchers in Your life

Amateur astronomy is so hot right now, and it’s never been easier for backyard enthusiasts to gaze into the cosmos and contemplate their puny, meaningless existences. We’ve assembled a collection of exceptional gift ideas to help your favorite space enthusiast take their skywatching skills to the next level.Google’s AI Isn’t a Gimmick, It’s the Future | AI UnlockedFor those looking to enhance their night sky experience, finding the right equipment is key. From advanced robotic telescopes to essential accessories like…

Tabletop Roleplayer Accessories and Games

Including the unusual, hard-to-find, totally new and strangely wonderful, we’ve got a selection of gifts and games that will be appreciated by both hardcore tabletop roleplayers and people who are curious about TTRPGs but might not know where to start. Most—if not all—of these products physically came out this year, which means that they’re less likely to be part of a collection already.What Will VR Solve, Anyway? Packed into this list is a mix of indie games, unique accessories, fun books, and gifts for the people who…

B&N Throws its Kindle Clone a Lifeline

Image: Barnes & NobleLike that one restaurant that manages to thrive in a strip mall that died years ago, Barnes & Noble’s Nook line clearly has enough devoted fans for the company to continue to release updated e-readers, including the new GlowLight 4 Plus which finally brings audiobook support to E Ink-based Nook devices.What Drew John Boyega Back Into Sci-Fi? | io9 InterviewThe last time we checked in with Barnes & Noble’s Nook was back in late 2021, with the debut of the Glowlight 4. The deviceintroduced

Weird Tales 100 Years of Weird Illustrated Anthology First Look

Illustration by Francesco Francavilla Image: Blackstone PublishingWeird Tales—which delivers exactly the kind of freaky, spooky stories you’d expect—marks its 100th anniversary this year, and is celebrating with the release of illustrated anthology Weird Tales: 100 Years of Weird. It’ll include entries from authors like Ray Bradbury and H.P. Lovecraft, as well as contemporary writers.Here’s more from the press release:“Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first issues of Weird Tales Magazine, 100 Years of Weird is a

Amazon Shutters Its Book Depository Store

Amazon is planning to cut ties with its online book store, Book Depository, which is based in the UK and has been a part of the conglomerate for more than two decades. The announcement comes as Amazon is working to cut costs and has laid off 18,000 employees this year and will reportedly lay off another 9,000 in the coming weeks, CNBC reported.Prime Day Ain't That 'Green'Book Depository has been a part of Amazon since 2007 but will close its doors on April 26, however, the company says customers can still place their…

Can a Virus Age You?

The following is an excerpt from Jellyfish Age Backwards: Nature’s Secrets to Longevity by Nicklas Brendborg. Available for sale January 17, 2023 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the United States began vaccinating against the measles virus in the 1960s, children fortunately stopped getting measles. But that wasn’t the only thing; suddenly, American children had plummeting risks of dying from all sorts of other infectious diseases, too. The same thing happened in European countries joining the effort.…

The Onyx Boox Leaf 2 E-Reader Doesn’t Lock You To One Book Store

Photo: Andrew Liszewski | GizmodoWhen it comes to choosing an e-reader, for most users it comes down to which device has easy access to the books they actually want to read, and the answer is usually either the Amazon Kindle or the Rakuten Kobo. There’s now a third option, the Boox Leaf 2 from Onyx, that lets users buy books from the competition’s e-book stores, without having to settle for either company’s locked-down devices.Unless you’re as obsessed with E Ink devices as I am, or live outside the United States, Onyx

Apple Watches, Amazon Alexa Listens — A Tech Privacy Gift Guide

It’s very naughty to ask about Santa’s privacy policy.Photo: Roman Samborskyi (Shutterstock)It’s hard to believe, but 2022 is almost over, and that means it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. If gadgets are on your shopping list this year, you might want to consider that when you give a tech gift you’re also giving a present to the tech industry: mountains of your loved-ones’ personal data. Mozilla, maker of the Firefox browser, just released a privacy-minded holiday gift guide examining the data

Adalyn Grace’s Belladonna Sequel Foxglove Exclusive Excerpt

Image: Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersAdalyn Grace’s Gothic fantasy Belladonna became a bestseller soon after its August release—meaning there are already many readers eager for the sequel. Foxglove won’t be out until August 2023, but io9 has an excerpt to share today, as well as the first look at its cover (plus a cover variant).Here’s a summary of Foxglove, followed by the covers:The captivating sequel to the Gothic-infused Belladonna, in which Signa and Death face a supernatural foe determined to tear them