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X-class solar flare EXPLODES, sparks blackouts in Asia! Solar storm shadow looms over Earth

A terrifying X-class solar flare has erupted on the Sun in the early hours today, March 29. The solar flare eruption occurred on the Earth-facing sunspot AR3256 and has caused strong shortwave radio blackouts in large regions of Australia, southeast Asia and New Zealand. This came after it was reported yesterday that as many as 9 sunspot groups have appeared on the Earth-facing side of the Sun. Forecasters had claimed that the sunspots seemed to be stable, but one of them unexpectedly exploded.The incident was reported…

G2-class solar storm HAMMERS the Earth; Blackouts to haunt Arctic Circle entire week

Yesterday, it was reported that powerful bursts of coronal mass ejection (CME) clouds were released during a farside explosion on the Sun and some of it were deflected towards our planet due to shock waves. The resultant solar storm was found to peak at G2-class, which is considered a powerful event. The highly charged particles have ionized the atmosphere around the Arctic Circle and have caused a shortwave radio blackout condition. Check details.The incident was reported by which noted in its website,

Solar flare EXPLOSION sparks blackouts in Australia; Solar storm to strike Earth soon

The unrelenting Sun has exploded multiple times over the last weekend, between March 4 and 5, releasing powerful M-class solar flares. The solar flares exploded within the notorious sunspot AR3234 which has already been involved in at least two X-class flares and multiple M-class flares. The powerful radiation from the event caused radio blackouts in Australia and New Zealand. Now, to add to the worries, the coronal mass ejection (CME) released from the event is expected to strike the Earth on March 7. Know how much

Solar storm TERROR! X2-class solar flare explodes, sparks BLACKOUTS over Americas, NASA says

For the third time in less than a month, the American continents have become a victim of the extremely volatile ongoing solar storm activity. The first event took place on February 18 when an X2.2-class solar storm struck North and South America. Then, another M8.6-class solar flare hit the continents on March 1. Now, the unstable sunspot AR3234 has exploded once again producing a powerful X2.1-class solar flare. It was detected by the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). This massive eruption sparked shortwave radio

Unstable sunspot explodes! Solar storm sparks BLACKOUTS over America, NASA reveals

The Earth is being constantly bombarded by solar storms this week. On February 26 and 27, two consecutive coronal mass ejection (CME) clouds struck the Earth, with the latter being recorded as a highly intense G3-class solar storm which caused auroras to be displayed as south as Colorado, delayed a SpaceX rocket launch and caused oil rigs to be stopped in Canada. And yesterday, the unstable sunspot AR3234 again exploded resulting in a M8.6 class solar flare eruption. It was detected by the NASA Solar Dynamics

Record Number of Countries Blocked the Internet in Blackouts in 2022

Image: Lipowski Milan (Shutterstock)Governments in 35 countries shut down the internet for a record total of at least 185 times in 2022 alone, a new study shows. The New York-based watchdog group, Access Now, published the report on Tuesday noting that the rate of online shutdowns has not only skyrocketed but is lasting longer and are often targeting the populations during times when it is needed the most. Access Now launched its Keep It On campaign in 2016, and has found that India accounted for nearly half of the

How Ukraine’s Trains Kept Running Despite Bombs, Blackouts, and Biden

Two days after Russian troops retreated from Kherson on November 11, Ukraine Railways CEO Alexander Kamyshin arrived in the city accompanied by Ukrainian special forces and a small team of railway workers. They reached the central train station even before the regular army arrived to secure the city, and got to work. Six days later, the first train from Kyiv rolled into liberated Kherson.“It was a magic day,” Kamyshin says. “We saw the faces of the people seeing the train, crying, waving their hands. Trust me, it was…

Sunspot crackling with solar flares spells solar storm trouble on Earth; blackouts span globe

After a glancing blow by coronal mass ejections (CME) on February 20, that produced a very weak solar storm, it was expected that the Sun would be quiet for a while. However, that does not seem to be the case. Yesterday, February 21, another new sunspot, AR3234, has turned unstable and has been crackling with solar flares. In the last 24 hours, it has also produced multiple M-class solar flare eruptions, which have resulted in radio blackouts all across the planet. As the Earth struggles with this ordeal, there are

EXTREME solar flare eruption sparked BLACKOUTS, NASA said; Another solar storm coming?

Earlier, NASA prediction models revealed that there was a chance of solar flare eruption between February 17 and February 18. The prediction stated that there was a high chance of an M-class solar flare eruption with a minor possibility of X-class solar flare. However, the resultant flare that erupted at around 1:46 AM IST last night was the worst we have seen in two years. An X2.2-class solar flare erupted on a freshly formed sunspot AR3229. The severe radiation from the eruption caused a shortwave radio blackout that