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Russian Groups Crowdfund Gun Buys Via Crypto on Telegram: Study

Photo: Paula Bronstein (Getty Images)Since Russia invaded Ukraine last year, cryptocurrency has played a surprisingly big role. As a new fundraising tool, crypto has helped Ukraine raise millions of dollars as it seeks to supplement the already gargantuan amount of money flowing into the country from official U.S. aid and a constellation of charitable organizations. Russia, meanwhile, doesn’t appear nearly as interested in digital assets, though new research shows that pro-Russian groupshave been using digital assets to

Building on Bitcoin: These 4 Blockchains Want To Take Bitcoin to The Next Level

The Bitcoin network continues to grow, with numerous ecosystems emerging and competing to make a difference in the space.  With BTC’s market capitalization currently over $400 billion and having surpassed the $1 trillion mark in the recent past, the network has enormous room for growth. In the list below, we’ll highlight four blockchain ecosystems positioning themselves to serve as the cornerstone of next-gen digital assets that Bitcoin developers should have on their radar. Mintlayer Mintlayer is a layer-2 protocol that…

Aptos (APT) Spreads Its Wings In Asian Countries, Owner Of Solana (SOL) Blockchain’s Monkey Business Changes, TMS Network (TMSN) Introduces…

Through this article, let’s see why TMS Network (TMSN) has been on a growth run that is better than most cryptocurrencies, including Aptos (APT) and Solana (SOL). Crypto investors are strongly supporting TMS Network’s (TMSN) presale, which has already started. The market viability and acceptability of TMS Network (TMSN) can be understood by the fact that it has successfully raised $2 million in private seed sale in an incubator fund. Aptos (APT) Gains Big From The Asian Region Aptos (APT) has been increasing its…

In 2023, Modular Blockchains may Become the Popular Crypto Trend

The topic of modular blockchain in 2023 is fiercely disputed in the current cryptocurrency ecosystem. Ever since the first cryptocurrencies appeared, monolithic blockchains have been the industry standard; however, this is gradually changing. As there is more and more proof that monolithic architectures perform poorly, modular blockchains trends are becoming ever more common. In the present cryptocurrency ecosystem, modular blockchain in 2023 is a passionately debated subject. Due to security worries and new trust…

SEC Complaint Says Do Kwon Transferred 10,000 Bitcoin From Terra to a Swiss Bank

Do Kwon has been cited by the SEC for allegedly misleading investors on multiple fronts, including allegedly lying about how stable its stablecoin was. Screenshot: Terra/YouTubeDo Kwon, the erstwhile CEO of Terraform Labs and its infamously unstable stablecoin Terra, now has another reason to remain on the lam. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alleged he and his company transferred 10,000 bitcoin worth hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Terra/Luna project before it inevitably went bust in May last year.

How Blockchains Can Prevent Data Breaches?

Blockchains can prevent data breaches effectively by virtue of the unique encryption methods adopted for it Privacy breach happens when the ultimate control lies in one master authority, ie., the internet. What if the control is dispersed by bringing multiple players into the game? Blockchain facilitates exactly a similar mechanism ensuring checks and balances through a multi-player ecosystem. Blockchains can prevent data breaches. Blockchain is nothing but distributed ledger technology (DLT), the backbone of…

FBI Says North Korea Responsible for $100 Million Harmony Protocol Crypto Hack

Photo: Alexander Khitrov (Shutterstock) The FBI says that cybercriminals connected to the North Korean regime are responsible for an attack on a U.S.-based crypto project, Harmony Protocol, that led to over $100 million in losses last year. On Monday, the FBI published a brief statement explaining that it had recently finished an investigation confirming that the well-known North Korean hacker group known as “Lazarus” was responsible for the hack. The hack involved the targeting of a crypto “bridge”—a kind of digital

Sam Bankman-Fried Once Said Blockchain Would’ve Fixed Enron

Screenshot: YouTubeSam Bankman-Fried, the founder of hedge fund Alameda Research and crypto platform FTX, was a frequent guest on both mainstream financial news and more niche crypto podcasts. And while digging through his media appearances over the years, Gizmodo has stumbled upon a very weird analogy from SBF, as he was often known, where the now-former billionaire explained that massive fraud at Enron wouldn’t have been possible if the company used the blockchain.SBF appeared on the “Jax Jones and Martin Warner Show”

Ethereum Merge Reduced Crypto Emissions, Research Paper Says

Ethereum mining rigs.Photo: Lauren DeCicca (Getty Images)In September, the Ethereum cryptocurrency network managed to pull off what it had been promising todo for years: switch to a model of mining that is far less emissions-intensive than the standard, a move known as the Merge. Did the switch do anything for the currency’s emissions? Could it be a good solution to the huge climate issues plaguing crypto?The preliminary answer, according to a peer-reviewed opinion paper published Tuesday in the journal Patterns, is,

Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains’ Adoption To Still Trail Bitgert Chain This December

Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains’ Adoption To Still Trail Bitgert Chain This December by IndustryTrends December 1, 2022 The last few weeks have seen the adoption of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain grow exponentially. The number of new developers on this blockchain is growing rapidly and is expected to remain so this month. In fact, the Bitgert blockchain adoption rate has been outperforming big chains like Ethereum and Polygon.Crypto experts believe that Ethereum and Polygon will still continue to trail the Bitgert…