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Ultrahuman busts out a smart ring to decode metabolic health – TechCrunch

Indian fitness platform, Ultrahuman, is expanding its wearable portfolio by launching a smart ring to boost its ability to provide tech loving ‘biohackers’ — and, it hopes, health-concerned Boomers — with more insightful metabolic insights. Sensors embedded in the forthcoming Ultrahuman Ring include temperature, heart rate and movement monitors, which enable the device to track the wearer’s sleep quality, stress levels and activity density, per CEO and co-founder, Mohit Kumar. The device is designed to work in…

A Stripped-Down Prison Break Thriller Busts Out to Hit #1 on Streaming

A24 Streaming subscribers have been spending their weekend watching a bearded Ewan McGregor go on a thrilling adventure set against sun-kissed dusty backdrops, and we’re not talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Instead, forgotten Australian crime thriller Son of a Gun has come out of nowhere to secure the top spot on the HBO Max most-watched list. As per FlixPatrol, the feature-length directorial debut of Overlord and Samaritan‘s Julius Avery has become the number one movie on the platform in 19 countries around the…

Elon Musk busts some moves at new Giga Berlin Tesla factory

Elon Musk has opened Tesla’s first car factory in Europe, describing the launch of the $5.5 billion facility in Germany as another “step in the direction of a sustainable future.” At a glitzy event at the new Giga Berlin plant on Tuesday, the Tesla chief presented 30 customers with the first all-electric Model Y vehicles to roll off the production line. Musk even found a moment to bust some moves, reminding many of the celebratory dance that he performed at the Giga Shanghai opening in China in 2020. Tesla CEO Elon…