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Maybe We Shouldn’t Let AI Destroy the News Media

Welcome to AI This Week, Gizmodo’s weekly deep dive on what’s been happening in artificial intelligence.What Could the Future of Medical AI Look Like?Last year, after Buzzfeed laid off its entire newsroom and made a pronounced pivot to AI-generated content, I made the argument that journalists should treat the technology as an existential threat. It seemed clear that companies like OpenAI were creating content-generating algorithms that could be used to compete with traditional (read: human) reporters. I added the…

13 media executives make 2024 predictions

NYT Columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin and C.E.O. of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger speak during the New York Times annual DealBook summit on November 29, 2023 in New York City. Michael M. Santiago | Getty ImagesIt's the most wonderful time of the year! It's the third annual anonymous media and entertainment executive predictions list!In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, I asked 12 past and current executives at the world's biggest media and entertainment companies for one industry-shaking prediction for 2024. And then I…

Sam Altman’s Iris Scanning ‘Wordcoin’ Crypto Project Rolls Out

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s sci-fi-tinged, iris-scanning cryptocurrency project Worldcoin began rolling out services internationally today. The extent to which Worldcoin actually delivers on its promise of a “new global digital currency,” however, may vary dramatically depending on where users are located.ChatGPT’s Creator Buddies Up to Congress | Future TechOn Monday, Worldcoin announced it has officially begun rolling out its “World ID” decentralized identity protocol and its “WLD” cryptocurrency tokens. In the 35 cities…

Instagram Off the Hook for Copyright Claims on Embedded Photos

Just how much copyright protection should an artist or photographer expect after they post their work on social media? It’s a murky legal question by itself that’s now made even murkier as an appeals court digs directly into the nature of HTML to say that—no—that embedded photo isn’t a copy of the original photo, but a link to where it’s stored.Nobody’s Really Watching ReelsOn Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court in northern California laid out the case that sharing embedded images and enabling the sharing of

BuzzFeed CEO Aims for $150 Million From Sale of Complex Networks Assets (Report)

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti is aiming to land $150 million from the sales of various Complex Networks assets, according to a new report by The Information. The goal of the sale would be to pay off BuzzFeed’s debt and fix its Wall Street situation, the outlet reported, citing unnamed sources. The company’s stock has been trading low enough to risk being delisted from Nasdaq. The annual ComplexCon festival and video series including “Sneaker Shopping” are among the assets Peretti is hoping to raise $150 million…

Websites Say Traffic Plummeted After Facebook Algorithm Change

An apparent change to Facebook’s algorithm in May caused a dramatic drop in traffic to news and media websites, according to a growing list of publishers and data from Echobox, a social media management company.Meta's Apparent Firing GoofIt’s a troubling change in an increasingly frail digital news business, where companies have little choice but to relyon social media’s biggest gatekeeper. Publishers say they deserve transparency, but as with similar changes in the past, there’s been no communication from Meta,

8 Times ‘Deepfake’ Videos Were Actually Real

Photo: Samuel Corum, Twitter, YouTube (Getty Images)Digitally altered and AI-generated videos, dubbed “deepfakes,” have existed for years and have recently seen drastic improvements. Those videos, mixed with the extreme reach of social media and declining trust in traditional media, have experts worried of harmful rises in political disinformation; those same experts are also worried we’re quickly approaching a new, more complicated issue: lawyers and liars claiming real videos are fakes. How to authenticate a piece of

Black Mirror Creator Says He Used ChatGPT to Write an Episode

Artificial intelligence being responsible for 4,000 job cuts last month certainly sounds like the beginning of a Black Mirror episode. Luckily for him, showrunner Charlie Booker’s job appears to be safe, at least according to the man himself. Booker says he used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write an episode of Black Mirror ahead of the show’s sixth season, but dubbed it “shit.”Chat GPT-4 Worth the Upgrade? | Future TechBooker revealed in an interview with Empire that he’s played around with ChatGPT for his own work in writing…

BuzzFeed Mulls Sale of Complex Networks 2 Years After Acquisition (Report)

Just two years after buying the digital media firm for nearly $300 million, BuzzFeed is already considering selling it off, according to a report from The Information. This follows widespread layoffs and the company’s spiking interest in AI content as a cheap solution to the problem of maintaining profitability in a rough ad market. BuzzFeed is trading low enough to risk a Nasdaq delisting and has suffered a string of unfortunate quarterly reports, necessitating drastic measures from the company. Still, a…

Vice Files for Bankruptcy, Prepares for $225 Million Sale

Vice Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Court for the Southern District of New York on Monday, becoming the latest digital media giant to throw in the towel after years of economic struggles. Robinhood App Lays Off 9% of StaffThe company, which owns emblematic websites such as Vice, Motherboard, and Refinery, announced that it had filed for bankruptcy in a press release on Monday after months of failing to find a buyer. In the announcement, Vice Media stated that a consortium of its lenders, made up of Fortress