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Ridiculous but Awesome Hack Puts Four Cartridges on One Game Boy

The relative simplicity of the Game Boy consoles (at least compared to modern portables) means they’re now infinitely hackable and customizable, but one modder has come up with a Game Boy Color upgrade for gamers tired of constantly swapping cartridges. It’s both brilliant and ridiculous.If you know what to look for and don’t mind wading into legally gray waters, there are already many solutions out there for gamers looking to solve the biggest downside of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The handhelds themselves might

Today’s Google Doodle Honors The Creator of Video Game Cartridges

Today's Google doodle highlights video cartridge creator Gerald "Jerry" Lawson, one of the first Black engineers in the video game industry.Jerry Lawson' team at Fairchild Camera and Instrument developed the first console with interchangeable cartridges, the Channel F, in 1976. He got his start in games by developing his own arcade game, Demolition Derby, in his spare time. After exiting the video game industry after the 1983-84 crash, he mentored at Stanford and worked as a tech consultant. In the years…

Atari Releasing Retro Games Under XP Initiative as Classic Atari 2600 Console Cartridges

Atari has announced a new initiative that will see never-released games finally making it into the hands of collectors and gaming enthusiasts. Named Atari XP, it is a collection of games that Atari developed but did not launch on the classic Atari 2600 console or were released in very limited numbers. The first tranche includes three sought-after titles including Yar's Return, Aquaventure, and Saboteur. The three games are available in two categories: standard and limited edition.Atari said the Standard Edition of the…