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Scientists Discover Secret Behind Chocolate’s Irresistible Texture – Paves Way for Healthier Luxury Chocolates

Scientists at the University of Leeds have decoded the physical process of chocolate melting in the mouth, and hope that by understanding the different steps involved, they can develop a new generation of luxury chocolates that have the same texture and feel but are healthier to consume.Scientists have decoded the physical process that takes place in the mouth when a piece of chocolate is eaten, as it changes from a solid into a smooth emulsion that many people find totally irresistible.By analyzing each of the steps, the…

Game of Chocolates | Wythoff’s Game

Bunty and Dolly are playing a game, described as follows:There are two boxes having A and B number of chocolates respectively. Both can eat L (L ≥ 1) chocolates from any one box or L chocolates from both boxes in one move. They play the game alternatively and the last one to eat the chocolate will be the winner.You have to help Bunty in deciding who should play first such that Dolly is always the winner. Assume that both players play optimally.Note: This game is also known as Wythoff’s Game.Examples:Input: A = 1 and B =…

Wild New Study Reveals Neutron Stars Are Actually Like a Box of Chocolates : ScienceAlert

Life isn't really like a box of chocolates, but it seems that something out there is. Neutron stars – some of the densest objects in the Universe – can have structures very similar to chocolates, with either gooey or hard centers.What kinds of particle configurations those centers consist of is still unknown, but new theoretical work revealing this surprising result could put us a step closer to understanding the strange guts of these dead stars, and the wild extremes possible in our Universe.Neutron stars are pretty…