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Camp Damascus by Chuck Tingle is a Focused Horror

Chuck Tingle is famously (and infamously) known for self-publishing absurdist erotica that almost always skews queer. Despite ridiculous titles like Handsome Sentient Food Pounds My Butt And Turns Me Gay: Eight Tales Of Hot Food and Not Pounded By Bi Erasure Because My Current Hetero-Presenting Relationship Does Not Invalidate My Queerness, Tingle’s work remains steadfastly earnest, which continues with his newly-written horror story. Camp Damascus is Tingle’s first full-length, traditionally published novel, and it

Mara Wilson Records Audiobook for Chuck Tingle’s Camp Damascus

Chuck Tingle is known for his cheeky erotic comedies which he first started publishing in 2014. For his first full-length, traditionally published novel, Tingle has turned to a different set of inspirations. Horror movies, sleepaway summer camp stories, and queer survival are all a part of Camp Damascus. And now, io9 is excited to announce that the audiobook for Camp Damascus is going to be narrated by none other than Mara Wilson. Twitter Is Shifting Right | Future TechCamp Damascus follows a young woman named Rose “as

Google and Apple Are Upset About All the Porn on Amazon Kindle

Rule 34 rears its head once again. There are thousands upon thousands of explicit porn being sold for cheap on Amazon’s Kindle. On Tuesday, Reuters reported that both Apple and Google have notified Amazon about its failure to keep porn off of the Kindle store and app. Both companies told Reuters that their app stores do not allow for the sale of sexual content and that they had been in contact with the “developer” on the issue.Prime Day Ain't That 'Green'It doesn’t take much, or really any effort to find this material on…