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Apple Concluded Testing Satellite Communication Feature on iPhone 14 Ahead of Mass Production: Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple's iPhone 14 series is expected to launch at its ‘Far out' event scheduled for September 7. The rumoured smartphone series has been subject to several leaks and tips ahead of the upcoming event. Now, a well-known analyst has shared updates from a survey, which suggests that Apple had concluded the hardware test of satellite communication feature on iPhone 14 even before it entered mass production. However, the analyst believes that Apple will have to negotiate a deal with satellite operators in order to offer the…

The next iPhone could support satellite communication if Apple can settle on a partner

Influential Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is out with an exciting new report for investors about the iPhone and satellite communication. Kuo says Apple has already completed hardware testing requirements for the service for the Phone 13 and the upcoming iPhone 14. However, the lack of a business partner is why satellite communication has yet to be offered to iPhone customers. That could eventually change, however, and Kuo believes Globalstar will be Apple's initial partner when it does. Based in Covington, Louisiana,…

U.S. Ran Disinfo Campaign Against Russia, China, Iran: Study

Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty Images)We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing about foreign-seeded disinformation campaigns, but we seldom hear about America’s own covert influence operations. On Wednesday, however, social media researchers revealed details about what appears to have been a long-running U.S. disinformation effort aimed at web users in Russia, China, and Iran.In July and August, Twitter and Meta announced that they had uncovered two overlapping sets of fraudulent accounts that were spreading inauthentic

Study Says ‘Pre-Bunking’ Inoculates Against YouTube Misinfo

Researchers involved in a large peer-reviewed study published Wednesday say that “pre-bunking” is the best method yet developed to stop people from believing nonsense and lies they read or see on the internet. Could the new strategy help keep people from falling for misinformation? The experiment was carried out by researchers with the British universities of Cambridge and Bristol, who worked together with YouTube and Jigsaw, another Google subsidiary, to conduct a total of seven different experiments involving nearly

Asset Managers Tighten Controls on Personal Communication Amid ‘WhatsApp’ Crackdown on Banks

Asset managers are tightening controls on personal communication tools such as WhatsApp as they join banks in trying to ensure employees play by the rules when they do business with clients remotely.Regulators had already begun to clamp down on the use of unauthorised messaging tools to discuss potentially market-moving matters, but the issue gathered urgency when the pandemic forced more finance staff to work from home in 2020.Most of the companies caught in communications and record-keeping probes by the US Securities…

Facebook Says It’s Totally Prepared for the 2022 Midterms

Inside Meta’s “War Room.” Photo: Noah Berger (Getty Images)Meta, owner of social media platforms repeatedly cited amongst the top purveyors of falsehoods and fake news, wants you to know it’s super serious about combating lies and bogus claims ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. In a blog post published Tuesday, Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, showcased some of the ways it’s attempting to beef up security on its platforms ahead of the upcoming midterm elections to combat hate speech, voter interference,

Cloud communication firm Twilio hacked, customers’ data exposed

US-based Cloud communications company Twilio has admitted data breach as hackers entered its internal systems after stealing employee credentials in an SMS phishing attack.Twilio said it identified 125 customers who had their data accessed during a security breach."We have identified approximately 125 Twilio customers whose data was accessed by malicious actors for a limited period of time, and we have notified all of them," Twilio said in a statement.Twilio, which owns popular two-factor authentication (2FA) Authy, said…

Charisma matters most in video communication

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Managers need to make a consistent impression in order to motivate and inspire people, and that applies even more to video communication than to other digital channels. That is the result of a study by researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). They investigated the influence that charismatic leadership tactics used in text, audio and video communication channels have on…

Gesture-based communication techniques may ease video meeting challenges

Video meeting signals taught during the training session of Experiment 1 (demonstrated by P.D.H). Credit: Hills et al., 2022, PLOS ONE, CC-BY 4.0 ( Researchers have developed and demonstrated the potential benefit of a simple set of physical gestures that participants in online group video meetings can use to improve their meeting experience. Paul D. Hills of University College London,…

The World is Heading to Decoding Animal Communication with AI

ESP known for its work in decoding non-human language has crossed yet another milestone in deciphering the animal language Animal farm, the satirical allegorical book written by George Orwell would have been different had we known how animals communicate, and the story ended on a happy note. Technology, as usual, has been put into work to decode the what, how and whys of animal communication for years. AI Animal translators, translating the oinks and whoofs of our pets have been on the ground giving pet owners an…