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Ultra-Flexible Endovascular Probe Maps Deep-Brain Activity

By Walter Beckwith, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) July 22, 2023Micro-endovascular (MEV) probe selectively implanted into a curved branch for neural recording across the blood vessel wall. The MEV probe (yellow), which is designed to curve into branched (vs. straight) blood vessels, is selectively injected into the branched vessel by saline flow through the microcatheter (cyan) in which it was preloaded. Credit: Anqi Zhang, Stanford UniversityA new study presents a minimally invasive,…

Enhancing Memory With Deep-Brain Stimulation During Sleep

Researchers from UCLA Health and Tel Aviv University have found evidence supporting the theory that the brain strengthens memory during sleep. The study used targeted deep-brain stimulation in epilepsy patients, resulting in enhanced memory consolidation. These findings could potentially help in the treatment of memory disorders.Researchers also report first direct evidence supporting main theory for how human memory is consolidated during sleep.While it’s known that sleep plays a crucial role in strengthening memory,…