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AI for Web Devs: AI Image Generation

Welcome back to this series, where we are learning how to integrate AI products into web applications. Intro & Setup Your First AI Prompt Streaming Responses How Does AI Work Prompt Engineering AI-Generated Images Security & Reliability Deploying In this post, we are going to use AI to generate images. Before we get to that, let’s add a dialog component to our app. This is a modal-like pop-up designed to show content and be dismissed with the mouse or keyboard.…

Book examines classroom dialog across language and culture

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Teacher talk seems intuitive—the expert imparts knowledge onto novices, who passively receive expertise like a car or machine receives parts at every station on an assembly line. In reality, an effective teacher in an era of dynamic and higher literacies is less of a factory worker and more of an active negotiator who tries to understand where their students are coming from in order to reach…

Maverick dialog was all AI since he can no longer speak

Top Gun: Maverick has proven to be a massive success for Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures, and everyone involved. If you’ve watched the movie by now, then you’ll probably agree with most of us that it’s a very solid follow-up to the original film from 1986. What you might not know, though, is that Val Kilmer’s voice in the movie was actually brought to life with voice AI. Val Kilmer used voice AI to talk in Top Gun: Maverick Image source: YouTube / Paramount Pictures When the original Top Gun was released in…