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The Windows 11 Android app dream is dead

Microsoft Microsoft first brought over the option to run Android apps natively in Windows 11 in 2021, but the dream is coming to an end after just a few years. Today, the company quietly updated its documentation for the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to indicate that it will be ending support for the feature on March 5, 2025. Amazon has also published updated guidance for the same issue about its Amazon App Store on Windows 11, which powers the WSA. What’s causing this change is unknown, as Microsoft did not…

Do AI video-generators dream of San Pedro? Madonna among early adopters of AI’s next wave

Whenever Madonna sings the 1980s hit “La Isla Bonita” on her concert tour, moving images of swirling, sunset-tinted clouds play on the giant arena screens behind her.To get that ethereal look, the pop legend embraced a still-uncharted branch of generative artificial intelligence – the text-to-video tool. Type some words — say, “surreal cloud sunset” or “waterfall in the jungle at dawn” — and an instant video is made. Following in the footsteps of AI chatbots and still image-generators, some AI video enthusiasts say the…

Billie Eilish Says Christian Bale Dream Made Her Breakup With Boyfriend

"I woke up and I came to my senses," she said during an interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg Billie Eilish‘s ex can now blame Christian Bale for the end of their relationship. In a new interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg ahead of the Academy Awards, Eilish shared that she had an epiphany about her relationship after seeing The Dark Knight actor in a dream. “I got to be real,” Eilish said as her brother Finneas let out a laugh. “A couple years ago I had a dream about Christian Bale and it was

This 10-in-1 docking station is a multitasker’s dream, and it’s 35% off right now

This 10-in-1 hub has quickly become a must-have device for me. Jack Wallen/ZDNETZDNET's key takeawaysThe Baseus 10-in-1 Docking Station come into play. Instead of having to work with a bulky, space-gobbling docking station, you can opt for a device that is roughly 5.5 x 2 inches and that includes more options than most full-sized docking stations. View at AmazonI tested this hub with my MacBook Pro and it worked flawlessly. I'm using a 2019 M1 laptop, which only has two USB-C ports. Thanks to this user-friendly hub, I

Elliott: Thank you, readers, for helping my dream come true

We had plans.My husband, Dennis D’Agostino, was going to reduce his workload as the New York Knicks’ team historian and a statistician for sports teams’ TV and radio broadcasts, and I was going to cover the Paris Olympics and then bid au revoir to the Los Angeles Times. We talked about visiting Maui next summer for our 25th anniversary, with a stop at the beach where we got married. Or, as he called it, the scene of the crime.Man plans, God laughs. And then you cry.When my husbum (a nickname he loved) died of a heart…

21 Savage Announces 2024 ‘American Dream’ Headlining Tour Dates

21 Savage‘s first solo headlining North American tour in five years is just weeks away from kicking off. On Tuesday, the rapper unveiled tour dates for the American Dream tour, making stops in 30 cities in support of his recently released studio album. The tour is scheduled to begin on May 1 at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena. 21 Savage will perform in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Toronto, Hartford, Virginia Beach, Birmingham, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and more. The tour wraps on June 15 with…

Qualcomm’s new AI Hub is a dream tool for developers building on-device models

Furthermore, the models are refined to make the best use of all the cores found within the Qualcomm AI Engine, including the NPU, CPU, and GPU, resulting in better power efficiency, lower memory utilization, and up to four times inferencing speeds, according to the company's Monday release. The advantage of on-device AI, in addition to overall increased application performance, is that by forgoing any friction with the cloud, there is increased privacy, which is especially important when creating models that use

Dream Chaser Endures NASA’s Ultimate Trial

Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser spaceplane and its Shooting Star cargo module were showcased under blue lights at NASA’s Neil Armstrong Test Facility, marking their preparation for space’s harsh conditions. Credit: Sierra Space/Shay SaldanaThe Dream Chaser spaceplane, developed by Sierra Space and undergoing testing at NASA’s Armstrong Test Facility, is set for its first demonstration flight to the ISS. This marks a significant step in the commercial resupply program and underscores the ongoing space industrial revolution,…

AI Is in the Midst of a Fever Dream and It’s Only Getting Worse

AI chatbots made headlines this week with a range of glaring flubs that were hard to look past. Tech companies are rushing to show off their non-offensive, error-free AI chatbots. They’re hoping to show investors that the billions of dollars spent on this technology was a good investment. This week, AI chatbots showed they are not ready for the spotlight just yet.Why is Everyone Suing AI Companies? | Future TechAI Off The RailsGoogle’s Gemini offended many users by refusing to generate white people and turning…

GM’s electric Ford Maverick rival may be a pipe dream after all

If you were waiting on an electric GM truck similar in size to the Ford Maverick, you may be out of luck. GM is reportedly canceling plans to develop a compact electric pickup amid its shift toward plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). GM cancels plans for an electric Ford Maverick rival GM’s CEO Mary Barra announced several “organizational and process improvements” on the automaker’s Q4 earnings call last month. Among these, Barra said, was “deploying plug-in technology in strategic segments.” GM…