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China’s ‘Space Dream’: A Long March to the Moon and Beyond

The return to Earth of three astronauts on Saturday after six months at China's new space station marks a landmark step in the country's space ambitions, ending its longest crewed mission ever.The world's second-largest economy has put billions into its military-run space programme, with hopes of eventually sending humans to the Moon.China has come a long way in catching up with the US and Russia, whose astronauts and cosmonauts have decades of experience in space exploration.Here is a look at the country's space…

Win a Free Trip to Space! Here’s How You Can Register To Live Your Dream As An Astronaut

Ever dreamt of flying to space? If yes, then you can at least try your luck to turn your dream into a reality by submitting your entry into Virgin Galactic's charity contest that can land you two free tickets to space on one of the first Virgin Galactic commercial space flights. So far, we have only seen the finest astronauts going on a trip to space, but now with these commercial space flights, even civilians can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.If you win these tickets, you can take one guest with you for a…