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Will Daylight Saving Time Spring Forward With a Rubio Bill?

Image: Leon Neal (Getty Images)Alongside Daylight Saving Time (DST) comes the yearly discussion in Congress of whether to eliminate it altogether. We lose that extra hour of sleep as the clocks spring forward on Sunday. Ahead of the time change, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is reintroducing the Sunshine Protection Act, which he also proposed early last year. The bill, intended to remove DST nationwide, would cancel the twice-yearly clock changing. The bill passed in a unanimous vote in the Senate last year but was

Democrat’s New Bill Would Cap All Insulin Prices at $20

Sen. Bernie Sander’s new bill will cap drug prices to what Eli Lilly’s Humalog cost when it was first released in 1996.Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)On Thursday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and a gaggle of Democrats introduced a new bill that would cap insulin drug prices to just $20 per vial no matter which company is making it.The bill, called the Insulin for All Act of 2023, caps the price at what the major pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly originally setfor a month’s supply of its insulin treatment Humalog back

Democrats Propose Yet Another Federal Facial Recognition Ban

Photo: Steffi Loos (Getty Images)Senate Democrats introduced new legislation Tuesday attempting to, once again, outright ban facial recognition use by federal agencies and officials, particularly law enforcement. If passed, the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act would cut the feds off from a variety of other sensitive biometrics identifiers, like voice and gait recognition, and limit federal grant funding only to states with their own “substantially similar” facial recognition or biometric

Senate Democrats urge Meta to halt plans to open metaverse app to teens

Two Senate Democrats sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday calling on him to halt the Facebook parent company’s plans to offer a metaverse app to teenagers.  Sens. Ed Markey (Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) said in the letter that they sent it in response to media reports that Meta wants to “draw in more teen and young-adult users” for its metaverse offerings and open its metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds, for users ages 13 to 17.  “In light of your company’s record of failure to…

Senators Tell Meta Not to Open Horizon Worlds to Teens

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Meta was planning on dropping the age limit of Horizon Worlds to 13 years old. Image: Diego Thomazini (Shutterstock)After reports revealed that Meta was planning on opening Horizon Worlds to teens, two democratic senators are now encouraging the company to reconsider. Meta’s virtual reality video game platform is currently 18+, but internal documents previously indicated that Meta was planning on enticing kids to join in on the fun(?), probably to bolster its wavering user base.In

Tesla recalls 362,000 US vehicles over Full Self-Driving software

Tesla Inc will recall more than 362,000 US vehicles to update its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software after US regulators said the driver assistance system did not adequately adhere to traffic safety laws and could cause crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said the Tesla software allows a vehicle to "exceed speed limits or travel through intersections in an unlawful or unpredictable manner increases the risk of a crash." Tesla said it disagreed with NHTSA's analysis but ultimately…

‘Outdated’ Software Blamed for Southwest Airlines Travel Nightmare

Photo: Jim Vondruska (Getty Images)There are screw-ups and then there are screw-ups, and then there’s the disastrous holiday scheduling shitstorm ravaging Southwest Airlines right now. Though the airlineinitially blamed its tidal wave of mass flight cancellations and delays on unavoidable winter storms, an enraged pilot and union representative at the airliner says something far more controllable may have played a role: old software.In an interview with Insider this week, Vice President of the Southwest Airlines Pilots

Here’s why US Senator Ed Markey slammed Elon Musk

US Senator Ed Markey, who warned Elon Musk for mocking him on Twitter, has again slammed the new Twitter owner, saying he could respond to my tweets but failed to respond to his letter as deadline passed.In the letter to Musk, Markey (Democrat from Massachusetts) had warned Musk to "fix your companies, or Congress will".Read Also"@elonmusk could respond to my tweets but failed to respond to my letter by yesterday's deadline and answer basic questions about Twitter verification," posted in a fresh tweet . "Congress must…

Elon Musk’s ‘Hardcore Twitter’ Plan Backfires With Resignations

For weeks, people have wondered if Elon Musk wanted to break Twitter. It looks like he may succeed soon.Illustration: Sergei Elagin (Shutterstock)Twitter employees are abandoning Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner and self-described ‘chief twit,’ in droves after his messy first few weeks at the blue bird app.Earlier this week, Musk presented his new employees with an ultimatum: commit to a new “hardcore” Twitter, which involved “working long hours at high intensity” and delivering only “exceptional” performance, or leave with

How Much Did Twitter’s Verification Chaos Cost Eli Lilly

Pharma company Eli Lilly has been criticized heavily in the past for the price of insulin, but the company has claimed it is not profiting off those increases.Photo: Darron Cummings (AP)As much as last week’s $8 Twitter verification chaos warped many public faces into gross parodies of their sterilized brands, one pharma company that has long hiked the price of a life-saving drug was caught in the crossfire and may have lost millions because of one fake post. New reports reveal just how much chaos one single tweet from a