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Meta Plans to Work on Boosting Retention on Threads After App Loses More Than Half of Its Users

Meta Platforms executives are heavily focused on boosting retention on their new Twitter rival Threads, after the app lost more than half of its users in the weeks following its buzzy launch, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday.Retention of users on the text-based app was better than executives had expected, though it was "not perfect," said Zuckerberg, speaking at an internal company town hall, the audio of which was heard by Reuters."Obviously, if you have more than 100 million people sign up, ideally it…

After Twitter rebranding, Elon Musk takes @X handle from user; offers merch in return

Ever since its rebranding, X (formerly known as Twitter) appears to be caught in new controversies every day. After headlines reported on authorities putting a temporary halt to the removal of the Twitter logo from the company headquarters in San Francisco, now a new controversy has engulfed the Elon Musk-owned platform. A user, who held possession of the coveted @x username, has reported that it was taken from him by the company, and he was only offered some merchandise and a tour of the company along with a meeting…

Elon Musk says X, the new Twitter, will have just the Dark mode soon

It has become hard to predict what goes on in the mind of X (formerly known as Twitter) owner Elon Musk ever since he muscled an entire rebranding campaign onto the platform within just 3 days. And the successful maneuvering of the move has perhaps made the billionaire even more 'unhinged', at least that is what social media is insinuating. Yesterday, he announced in a tweet, that going forward, the platform will only support dark mode, bringing an instant worry to all those who do not prefer it since reading…

Here’s a Timelapse of r/Place Protesting Reddit’s CEO

Screenshot: GizmodoThe third incarnation of Reddit’s r/Place has come and gone, and now the social media platform has released a timelapsecompilation of the project to highlight all of the whimsy—and anger—of its users.Reddit Knowingly Downvoting Self | Future Techr/Place is a community art project on Reddit that has just ended its third year of operation—the first project occurred in 2017 while the second wasn’t launched until 2022. In r/Place users are able to leave a single pixel of any color on a blank canvas once

Twitter Unbans Dom Lucre Who Posted ‘Child Exploitation’ Pics

After Twitter banned the account of Qanon influencer Dom Lucre for posting “child exploitation pictures,” Elon Musk stepped in to reinstate him. Mr. Tweet Fumbles Super Bowl TweetOn Wednesday morning Twitter—recently rebranded by Musk as X—banned Lucre, a right-wing conspiracy theorist with over half a million followers. The move sparked protest from X’s rage-fueled conservatives and even some criticism from users on the left. X doesn’t alwayspublish the reasoning behind account takedowns, but Musk tweeted an explanation

Elon Musk wants to turn tweets into ‘X’s’. But changing language is not quite so simple

Elon Musk may want to send “tweet” back to the birds, but the ubiquitous term for posting on the site he now calls X is here to stay — at least for now.For one, the word is still plastered all over the site formerly known as Twitter. Write a post, you still need to press a blue button that says “tweet” to publish it. To repost it, you still tap “retweet.” But it's more than that. With “tweets,” Twitter accomplished in just a few years something few companies have done in a lifetime: It became a verb and implanted itself…

Tesla Team Diverted Hundreds of Range Complaints Every Week

Tesla reportedly created a secretive “Diversion Team” tasked with trying to quickly divert and cancel as many appointments for range-related issues as possible. The unit, according to a Reuters investigation, was reportedly responsible for closing hundreds of cases per week of upset Tesla owners complaining about range performance. Those cars were often working properly but simply failed to meet Tesla’s inflated and exaggerated driving range estimates for its fleet of vehicles.Tesla Investors Not Happy With Mr. Tweet's

Here’s what he was offered

Elon Musk recently rebranded Twitter to X and as a part of this change, the official Twitter handle was changed to @x. The official @Twitter handle was 'killed' and users who visited the handle were redirected to "follow @X for updates.” Little was known how the company quickly got @x handle on the platform. It turns out that the company took it from a photographer and he was offered a different handle.According to multiple reports, a photographer, Gene X Hwang, held the @x Twitter handle from 2007 but it was taken over…