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Can you really use any English word to mean ‘drunk’?

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The English language is famous for the large number of words that express the idea of being drunk in a humorous way—so-called drunkonyms like "pissed," "hammered" or "wasted." British comedian Michael McIntyre even argues in a comedy routine that posh people can use any word to mean "drunk" in English, e.g., "I was utterly gazeboed" or "I'm gonna get totally carparked." With the myriad of…

Cybercrime Security Gap Leaves People Who Aren’t Proficient in English Poorly Protected

February 12, 20244 min readOur research finds that language is often a barrier for people dealing with cybercrime issues and that it’s important to close this security gapBy Fawn Ngo & The Conversation USPeople in the U.S. with limited English proficiency are particularly vulnerable to cybercrime. The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research.In the United States, the Internet Crime Complaint Center serves as a critical component in the FBI’s

Cybercrime victims who aren’t fluent in English are undercounted and p

In the United States, the Internet Crime Complaint Center serves as a critical component in the FBI’s efforts to combat cybercrime. The center’s website provides educational resources to help individuals and businesses protect themselves from cyberthreats and also allows them to report their victimization by submitting complaints related to internet crimes. The Internet Crime Complaint Center also publishes annual reports summarizing the current state of internet crime, trends, and notable cases.However, the information…

French Graphic Novel, World Without End, Gets 75,000 English Print Run

Posted in: Comics | Tagged: The French graphic novel, World Without End by Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici gets a 75,000 Print Run in English from Zando.World Without End: An Illustrated Guide to the Climate Crisis—Past, Present, and Our Hope for the Future is the English translation of Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici's best-selling French graphic novel Le Monde sans fin, miracle énergétique et dérive climatique published in 2021 and which sold over half a million copies in French from publisher Dargaud.…

Even among immigrants, English is the preferred language in Miami

For nearly a decade, FIU sociolinguist Phillip Carter has researched Miami English—a variety of English with subtle structural influence from Spanish, mostly spoken by second-, third- or fourth-generation native English speakers. Credit: Florida International University Spanish is often framed as both essential and deeply rooted in Miami, a necessity to "get by" living in the 305.

Modern English Tease Forthcoming LP With Single ‘Not My Leader’

Modern English will release a new LP, 1 2 3 4, on Feb. 23. The release marks the British group’s first new music in eight years and was produced by Mario J. McNulty. They’ve previewed the album with a searing new single, “Not My Leader,” which takes aim at political leaders on both sides of the pond. “I remember first coming to America in the early-’80s,” singer/guitarist Robbie Grey explained in a statement. “We had Margaret Thatcher and you had Ronald Reagan. And then fast forward to today to Donald Trump and…

Fewer than 1% of schools in England have full policies on second languages, language learning and English

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A tiny fraction of schools in England—about three in every 500—have whole-school policies that address foreign languages, English usage, and integrating students who speak English as an additional language (EAL), new research published in the British Educational Research Journal indicates. The study of almost 1,000

Sofia Vergara hits back at reporter for making fun of her English diction. Watch | Hollywood

Sofia Vergara, a Columbian-American actor who's made a name for herself in Hollywood, was recently demeaned by a Spanish reporter for her diction in English. However, the Modern Family actor was quick to clap back at him. (Also Read: Joe Manganiello makes red carpet debut with Caitlin O’Connor after divorce from Sofía Vergara) Sofia Vergara is a four-time Golden Globe-nominated actor(Reuters/ Mike Blake) What did the reporter mock her for?Earlier this week, Sofia appeared on the Spanish talk show El Hormiguero,…

‘Wokery’, ‘safe word’ and ‘forever chemical’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary | Books

“Wokery”, “safe word”, “forever chemical” and “swear box” have all been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in its latest update.The OED is updated quarterly with new words, senses and revisions to entries, to reflect changes in word usage and to include new terms relating to current events and trends. The December 2023 update, announced on Thursday, features new words related to technology, polluting chemicals, politics, literature and sex.“Wokery” and “wokeism”, disparaging nouns meaning “progressive or leftwing…

80 Hilarious English Language Fails In The Wild

Engrish is a term used to describe funny and often unintentional misuse of the English language, and there's a website of the same name that has been running since 1999, sharing examples of such instances.Whether we're talking about restaurant signs, Amazon ads, or product labels, turns out, there's no shortage of texts that were introduced to the public without running them through a proofreader first.But before we continue, it's important to note that Engrish is not trying to mock or criticize non-native speakers but…