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93 Million Americans Are Under Heat Warnings and Advisories

Americans throughout the U.S. have woken up today to sweltering heat as more than 93 million people in the country are currently under excessive heat warnings and heat advisories, the National Weather Service (NWS) wrote in today’s alert.How to Know If the Heat Is Making You Sick“Friday will feature some record heat in parts of the Southwest, but record-breaking heat expands even more throughout the region on Saturday,” the alert said. “Daytime highs by Saturday will range between 105-115F from the Great Valley of CA to…

The Texas Heat Wave Is Heading North This Week

A scorching heat wave that has roasted the Gulf for much of June is likely to head upwards to Northern Texas and other nearby states. Oklahoma, a lot of the Mississippi Valley, Alabama,and the Florida Panhandle are going to be especially hot this week, Bob Oravec, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, told the Associated Press.How to Know If the Heat Is Making You SickThere are currently heat warnings and advisories throughout Southern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, according

Google Adds Extreme Heat Warnings and Other Climate Tools

It’s no secret: the world is heating up. Inevitably, people are starting to take notice. More people are searching for information on extreme heat than ever before, according to Google—and the company is hoping to make those search results clearer.The U.S. In For A Dry Winter | Extreme EarthWith a new search feature, Google says it wants to help its users stay cool (and safe) during increasingly common and intense heat waves. The tech giant is adding extreme heat alerts to its search results, as announced in a Wednesday…