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A Good Person review – Zach Braff’s tale of self-healing is excruciatingly ersatz | Film

In his dual capacity as writer and director, Zach Braff here puts us through an ordeal of excruciating contrived nonsense: a masturbatory Calvary of ersatz empathy and emotional wellness. The film goes on a long, long indie-acoustic healing journey towards indie-acoustic self-forgiveness after Florence Pugh’s Allison accidentally kills her fiance’s sister and husband while driving them in her car, having taken her eyes off the road to look at her phone.Allison breaks up with her fiance, spirals into OxyContin addiction…

Excruciatingly slow Apple Wallet ID rollout brings one new state online

Owners of iPhones and Apple Watches can now put their driver's license and state ID cards into the Wallet app for the first time. The switch to bring the feature online has now been flicked, with the Colorado DMV the first to confirm the change.With the cards added to an iPhone or Apple Watch, Colorado citizens will be able to use their digital ID in places where they might otherwise have had to fish out a physical card. Those include at TSA checkpoints at airports, for example.No more plastic cardsThe Colorado…