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Blood Feather by Patrick McGuinness review – on the wings of grief | Poetry

Blood Feather, by the award-winning novelist and nonfiction writer Patrick McGuinness – also an academic (he teaches French at Oxford) – was prompted by the death of his mother. He has not published any poetry for 13 years, until now and this marvellous collection. He is writing about bereavement as erasure. The poems themselves seem slightly surprised by their existence, as if given half a chance, they might remove themselves from the page. Looking at his mother’s photograph, in Mother As Mirror, makes him feel that “I…

When Dakota Johnson Raised The Temperature As She Went Br*less Walking On A Road In A Mini Black Backless Dress With Feather Skirt Details

When Dakota Johnson Raised The Temperature In A Mini Black Dress(Photo Credit –kateyoung/Instagram) Dakota Johnson is the one who can make anything her ramp with her gorgeous look. Whenever the actress steps out, she never fails to make headlines. Here’s one look of the actress that left us spellbound, and you cannot afford to miss. Dakota was hit to stardom with her role as Anastasia Steele in the hit film franchise Fifty Shades of Grey, which also starred Jamie Dornan. Ever since the film was released, the actress…

SOC 2 Type II Compliance: A New Feather in’s Cap

At present, consumers demand security assurances before investing in any kind of enterprise and one of the best ways to provide this assurance is the SOC 2 Type II report., the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency platform, has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II Compliance audit. It further proves how the company serves best-in-class security and data privacy practices. Deloitte, the infamous audit and consulting firm supervised this inspection. The result confirmed that…

News at a glance: Debate over classifying research, giant water lilies, and new hummingbird feather colors | Science

ECOLOGY Scientists find new hummingbird colors The plumage of hummingbirds has more color diversity than the feathers of all other birds combined, a recent study finds. Researchers from Yale University collected feathers from specimens of 114 hummingbird species and, using a spectrometer, documented the wavelengths of light they reflected. These wavelengths were then compared with those found in a previous study of 111 other bird species, including penguins and parrots. The…

First Known Dinosaur Belly Button Found in Fossil

Rendering of a reclining Psittacosaurus, with insert showing the umbilical scar.Illustration: Jagged Fang DesignsForget dinosaurs engaged in vicious combat. Put aside terrifying fangs and claws. Scientists have discovered a softer side to dinosaurs: the reptilian equivalent of a belly button.For the first time ever, scientists have identified an umbilical scar on a non-avian dinosaur. The paper announcing this find is published in BMC Biology, and it’s yet another exciting discovery from a particularly rare and