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‘Garry’s Mod’ creator wants to crack down on Nazi-glorifying servers

Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman has confirmed that Facepunch Studios will be “keeping more of an eye” on player-made content related to Nazis going forward, following a debate on the studio’s moderation responsibilities. While Garry’s Mod‘s community-oriented approach means its servers and game modes are created by players rather than Facepunch, a number of World War 2 modes and Nazi-oriented game modes have led to Garry Newman – who the game is named after – addressing the topic on Twitter today (April 20). While…

Mario is now in ‘Garry’s Mod’ with his entire ‘Super Mario 64’ move set

A new Garry’s Mod add-on has brought Mario’s iconic moves from Super Mario 64 to the title, and eager fans can get the plumber in the PC game now. Called G64, the add-on does more than just put a Mario skin on the player character, it introduces the entire Super Mario 64 move set into the game as well, letting players long jump, dive, wall jump and wing cap (via PC Gamer). You can see the mod in action below: It's here! G64 is now released to the public. This Garry's Mod addon allows you to spawn a playable Mario 64 in…