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Your Browser Has a Hidden Setting That Will Speed Up the Web

A lot of us now spend much of our work and leisure time peering at the web through a browser—and for that time to be spent as productively as possible, the browser in question needs to run swiftly and smoothly. There’s actually an integrated browser setting to help with this, too: Hardware acceleration.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedWhile the option is in almost every modern web browser, it’s buried quite deep within the settings screens in most cases, so you might never have encountered it.…

Sony/Marvel Show to Resume Writers Room in January

Image: Helen Chen/Marvel ComicsAll the way back in 2020, it was reported that Sony and Marvel were teaming up to create a TV show for Silk, one of the more recent heroes to spin from Spider-Man’s (Peter Parker’s) supporting cast. In the years since, news on the show has been hard to come by: after an announcement late last year that it was retitled Silk: Spider Society and was headed up by The Walking Dead alum Angela Kang, there’s been pretty much nothing on the show—partly because the WGA strike meant the writers room

Twisted Metal Will Ride Again for Season 2

Image: PeacockA lot happened this summer, so it’s easy to forget that Twisted Metal aired on Peacock over the summer. Based on the now classic car combat PlayStation series, the show got decent reviews and was nominated at the recent Game Awards for Best Adaptation. Ultimately it lost out to—and got overshadowed by—HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, but it sounds like it was overall good, disposable fun on a weekly basis. Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedFans of the show will be pleased to

Mace Windu Leads Star Wars’ 2024 Novel, The Glass Abyss

Image: Random House WorldsThe prequel trilogy of Star Wars films (and similar material set in the same time period) introduced audiences to plenty of new Jedi, with one of the most striking being Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu. Though he’s one of the most important players of that era, he hasn’t always gotten a chance to headline a story all on his own: the only novel in which he’s a leading man was 2004's Shatterpoints by Matt Stover.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedLucasfilm has opted to

Season 5 Resumes Production in January 2024

Image: NetflixWith the Hollywood strikes now having wrapped in full, productions are able to start back up again. Stranger Things, according to Deadline, is set to get back to work in early January.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedSources speaking to the outlet claims the show will get back into the swing of things pretty much right after the New Year starts, with dates ranging from January 5 to a few days later on the 8th. Until then, table reads are expected to kick up over the next few

Fortnite Festival Brings an Ounce of That Old Rock Band Magic Back From the Dead

Is Rock Band back? Well, kinda, maybe, eventually. Epic Games revealed the new Fortnite experience Fortnite Festival, a new update that lets players take their persona out of the battle royale and stuff a guitar or pair of drumsticks in their hands in rhythm game action familiar to any old Guitar Hero fans.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI Unlocked Just like the recently announced Lego Fortnite survival crafting game and arcade racer Rocket Racing created by Rocket League developers Psyonix, Festival…

Google Gemini AI, M3-Powered Apple iPads, and More Top Product News of the Week

Gemini, Google’s ambitious new AI for phones, will make its way to Pixel 8 Pros next week. On the Apple side, we might begin to see M3-powered iPads and MacBook Airs hitting store shelves a lot sooner than we expected. Gizmodo’s consumer tech team has all the latest news and more. Here’s a roundup of our most-read stories this. —Jorge JimenezZillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedGoogle’s Gemini Turns Pixel 8 Pro Into a True AI PhoneThe Pixel 8 Pro might finally live up to its promise of being the…

The Marvels’ Box Office, Deadpool Leaks, and More Top Pop Culture News of the Week

It’s been a bit of an up-and-down week for the House of Ideas, as Marvel both pulled out of reporting any further on The Marvels’ box office performance and Ryan Reynolds bit back against Deadpool 3 set leaks. All this, more Doctor Who, and even Star Wars’ 2024 made the list of our most read stories, so here’s you might have missed this week!—James WhitbrookZillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedDisney Gives Up on The MarvelsBrie Larson as Captain Marvel in The MarvelsImage: Marvel StudiosMarvel

Why 2024 Will Be an Epic Year in Spaceflight

A Martian moons mission, a plethora of private lunar landers, probes to Venus and Jupiter, and reusable heavy-lift rocket tests are among the many highlights we’ll be watching in the coming 12 months, in what looks to be an extraordinary year in spaceflight. Here’s your 2024 calendar.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedThe Moon takes center stage in 2024An unprecedented number of missions to the Moon, both private and public, are set to take place in the coming year, capped by NASA’s crewed…

Scientists Created Tiny VR Goggles for Lab Mice, With Adorable Results

At last, researchers say they’ve found a way for lab mice to easily use virtual reality goggles. The unusual set-up does have practical applications, since it should make it easier for scientists to study how mice respond to things commonly encountered in the wild, like predatory birds.Zillow Says You’ll Buy Your Next House With… AI? | AI UnlockedSending mice into virtual reality isn’t a new concept. Ideally, VR allows scientists to simulate naturalistic environments for mice under more controlled conditions. But even the…