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AI-Generated Data Can Poison Future AI Models

Thanks to a boom in generative artificial intelligence, programs that can produce text, computer code, images and music are readily available to the average person. And we’re already using them: AI content is taking over the Internet, and text generated by “large language models” is filling hundreds of websites, including CNET and Gizmodo. But as AI developers scrape the Internet, AI-generated content may soon enter the data sets used to train new models to respond like humans. Some experts say that will inadvertently…

Google is creating ‘internet surveillance DRM,’ critics say

Google is working on a system to fight fraud and make the internet “more private and safe,” but it’s just come in for some blistering criticism from software engineers behind the Vivaldi web browser. According to them, it’s a “dangerous” idea that could lead to greater surveillance of ordinary people. The subject of all this kerfuffle is Google’s Web Environment Integrity project, or WEI. Its purpose, Google says, is to stymy bad actors by providing a piece of code on a website that can be checked with a trusted…

WATCH! Margot Robbie’s Cute Video, Interacting With A Hearing-Impaired Fan Using Sign Language, Is Winning The Internet

Margot Robbie is gaining appreciation for her movie “Barbie,” which was released on July 21. And now a cute video of the actress is going viral on social media where she can be seen interacting with a hearing-impaired fan by using sign language. The video is old and is from the film’s premiere. The actress looks ravishing in a black dress and has a bright smile on her face. Recently, Margot has shared a heartwarming story about her journey to success and her gratitude towards her mother. The Australian star, known for…

Here’s a Timelapse of r/Place Protesting Reddit’s CEO

Screenshot: GizmodoThe third incarnation of Reddit’s r/Place has come and gone, and now the social media platform has released a timelapsecompilation of the project to highlight all of the whimsy—and anger—of its users.Reddit Knowingly Downvoting Self | Future Techr/Place is a community art project on Reddit that has just ended its third year of operation—the first project occurred in 2017 while the second wasn’t launched until 2022. In r/Place users are able to leave a single pixel of any color on a blank canvas once

NASA Taps Lockheed Martin for a Nuclear Propulsion Demo

As NASA shifts its gaze back to the Moon and sets its sights on Mars and beyond in the coming decades, the agency is rethinking the means by which we’ll get there. After previously announcing a collaboration between NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for a nuclear-powered rocketintended for long-distance space travel, the two agencies have now selected Lockheed Martin to develop a demonstration.Samsung Galaxy Fold 5: Hands-on first Impressions of Samsung's Big-Screen Flagship FoldableThe

Webb Space Telescope Unlocks Secrets of Jupiter’s Moons

Two new studies associated with the James Webb Space Telescope’s Early Release Science program have been published, and both have to do with Jupiter’s moons, namely Ganymede and Io.Webb Telescope Images the Pillars of CreationThe first study, led by astronomer Samantha Trumbo from Cornell University and published in Science Advances, presents a fascinating first—the unprecedented detection of hydrogen peroxide on Ganymede. The second study, published in JGR: Planets, reveals another neat finding—sulfurous fumes,…

Senators Call for a New Agency to Regulate Big Tech

Big Tech companies are facing possible federal regulations from Congress after two senators released a proposal on Thursday to sue or force platforms to stop operating if they violate consumer privacy and spread harmful content online. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) came together in a bipartisan act to file the Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act in an attempt to keep artificial intelligence and platforms like Amazon, Google, Meta, TikTok, and Twitter, in check.Is…

It Looks Like the iPhone 15 Is Getting an ‘Action Button’

New code released by Apple as part of its beta program hints the next version of the Mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could become a button for quickly accessing a bevy of tools and accessibility features.How To Prep Your iPhone or iPad Before SellingThe latest version of the iOS 17 beta 4 has the Apple rumor mill ruminating more than it already has on a kind of “Action” button for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This button would effectively be a programmable shortcut to access features as simple as the camera

2023 Tata Safari Facelift’s Cabin Photos Surfaced on Internet, Check What’s New

2023 Tata Safari Facelift (Photo: Rushlane) Upcoming Tata Safari facelift expected to make global debut somewhere around in September, this year. However, the brand is yet to share official details. The homegrown car maker Tata is all set to introduce the updated or facelift version of Safari soon. According to the reports, the company expected to unveil the SUV somewhere around September, this year. However, the brand is yet to share the official details regarding the same. Ahead of the official launch, the car has been…

Comcast (CMCSA) 2Q earnings 2Q23

Comcast beat analyst estimates on Thursday when it reported its second quarter results, as higher pricing helped offset a continued slowdown in its broadband business.The company also said the number of subscribers for its streaming service Peacock nearly doubled to 24 million compared to the prior-year period, with revenue up 85% to $820 million. Still, losses from the streaming platform continued to weigh on NBCUniversal's media business.Here's how Comcast performed, compared with estimates from analysts surveyed by…