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Ground Invasion ‘Might Create a Deal’ to Release Hostages

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled that there “could be” a potential deal for hostage release with Hamas on the horizon, though he did not share any additional details. “We’ll talk about it when it’s there. We’ll announce it if it’s achieved,” he told NBC’s Kristen Welker on Sunday’s Meet the Press. Two unnamed Israeli officials told Politico that the deal most likely would be for the release of a few dozen hostages, including children and the elderly as well as some American citizens. WATCH:…

MCU Release Date Chaos Is the Real Reason ‘Secret Invasion’ Didn’t Make Sense

It’s something of an understatement to say that Secret Invasion didn’t go out on a high. The season finale is currently the single worst-reviewed thing that Marvel Studios has ever released, fans are calling for it to be retconned into the garbage can of history, and there’s a list of glaring plotholes a mile long. So, what went wrong here? It’s very easy to pin this on simple laziness or lack of talent, but we think a peek into what was going on behind the scenes at Marvel Studios while Secret Invasion was being made…

‘Secret Invasion’ Runtime Scam Reveals a Shock Disney Plus Decline as Lies on Brie Larson’s Future Almost Become Fact

Secret Invasion is already comfortably the weakest-rated slice of Marvel Studios television on Rotten Tomatoes, but it turns out the just-concluded Disney Plus series has earned itself another underhanded and unwanted record that just goes to show much Marvel has been shortchanging us on its TV offerings since things started so well with WandaVision back in early 2021. Elsewhere, all the signs are pointing to Brie Larson‘s Captain Marvel being here to stay for a long while yet, but that hasn’t stopped the studio from…

As Brie Larson’s Status Is Stolen, ‘Secret Invasion’ Proves the MCU on Disney Plus Must Change or Die

With the finale rounding out the (frustratingly short) six-part series, the verdict is in on Secret Invasion — and it’s a big thumbs-down. In fact, to keep the gladiatorial analogy going, it’s getting such a negative reception that it’s leading to the MCU on Disney Plus as we know it to be thrown to the lions. Meanwhile, Brie Larson‘s undisputed status as the biggest gun the Avengers have could be about to change, just ahead of her making a triumphant return in The Marvels. Interesting timing, Marvel. Secret Invasion…

Humans vs Aliens in Apple TV+ Show

Image: Apple TV+With vibes that are part District Nine, part Arrival, and part Annihilation, Apple TV+’s Invasion takes a very restrained view of what a first contact might look like. While the first season of the show established the stakes and provided a global backdrop to what was happening as various countries and cultures came into contact with the aliens, now it seems as if full scale war is underway.Invasion — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+As the aliens escalate their attacks on humans, many try to connect

Secret Invasion Ending Changes the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Secret Invasion released its sixth and final episode today, closing out the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this one featuring Nick Fury and the Skrulls. And while you can read all about the episode itself in io9's recap, I wanted to add a little more about something I can’t quite shake. And that’s G’iah.What Rules Were Written for Skrulls and Their Powers in Secret Invasion? | io9 InterviewSkrull character G’iah, played by Game of Thrones and Solo: A Star Wars Story star Emilia Clarke, is the daughter of

‘Haunted Mansion’ Doomed by $150 Million Price Tag and Poor Reviews as ‘Secret Invasion’ Scores the Title of Worst Marvel Disney Plus Finale

We told you it was going to be a busy week for Disney. The theatrical debut of Haunted Mansion is just 48 hours away. As is customary for potential blockbusters such as these, all eyes are on its box office performance. The movie has received a relatively positive forecast, but unfortunately, its bloated budget, less-than-stellar reviews, and Disney’s recent string of recent box office duds are overshadowing its potential performance. Meanwhile, Secret Invasion is doing everything possible to upset devoted Marvel fans…

Russia Is Censoring VK 30 Times More After Ukraine Invasion

VKontakte (VK), Russia’s homegrown Facebook clone and its biggest social network, saw a whopping 30-fold increase in censorship requests from government officials during the eight-month period following the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, according to a new report. The findings, revealed in a report by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, are some of the clearest examples yet illustrating Russia’s aggressive effort to use its ground war to justify even greaterclampdowns on online political

‘Secret Invasion’ Finale Set up 6 Upcoming MCU Movies and TV Shows

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion episode six. So, that was Secret Invasion. After six weeks of ups and downs, a lot of deaths, and a total absence of post-credits scenes, the Samuel L. Jackson-starring Disney Plus series has reached its end. Unfortunately, it probably won’t go down as one of the finest MCU television outings of the lot, but there are some upsides to what was otherwise a largely lackluster finale. Chiefly, Secret Invasion episode six actually did a solid job of setting up a…

Marvel’s Secret Invasion TV series doesn’t know what it’s about

There is a moment near the end of the first episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion TV series that will feel uneasily familiar to politically attuned viewers. In it, a young man walks briskly through a public square in Moscow, a backpack draped over his shoulder. He is an infiltrator, a hidden alien Skrull whose true identity is undetectable to those around him, and his backpack contains a “dirty bomb” capable of causing mass death to those around him. The attack is halted, courtesy of series protagonist Nick Fury, but in…