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My top 5 user-friendly GUI backup tools for the Linux desktop (and why you need one)

David Merron Photography/Getty ImagesI have particular folders on my desktop that contain very important folders (such as my book manuscripts). Those folders must be backed up at all times, otherwise, I run into the possibility of losing hundreds or thousands of hours of work.Ergo, I depend on a backup tool.Also: The first 5 Linux commands every new user should learnFortunately, I use Linux, so there are plenty of options. And, because I don't like to spend too much time configuring things these days, I prefer my…

My 5 favorite multimedia player apps for Linux and what they can do for you

Nina Raemont/ZDNETI listen to a lot of music and play a lot of videos. Although vinyl is my first choice for music, with Spotify used for streaming, I also have a vast collection of digital music stored on one of my drives. When I want to listen to something that isn't available on vinyl or Spotify, I use a digital music player. And when I need to view a video that I've created or someone has sent me, or even a DVD or Blu-ray, I have to lean on one of the many apps available for Linux.Also: Thinking about switching to…

Linux was never made for the cloud, but DBOS is – and you can try it for free

Eugene Mymrin/Getty ImagesFor years, Linux has been responsible for powering servers in the cloud, but given how the cloud has grown exponentially, and that Linux wasn't designed specifically for the cloud, it became clear that something had to change.Also: The best Linux distributions for beginners in 2024: Expert tested and reviewedThat change might come by way of Michael Stonebraker (Ingres, PostgreSQL, and VoltDB) and Matei Zaharia (Apache Spark and co-founder/CTO of Databrisk) who have worked with a team from MIT…

The 6 Linux commands you need to know for user management

Where GROUP is the group name and USER is the username. The a option is for append and G is for group.5. chownIf you ever need to change ownership of a file or folder from one user to another, chown is the command to use. Ownership is a simple way of managing who has access to files and folders. For example, if you have a folder named /data and you want to give the editors group access to the folder (and its contents within), you could change the group ownership like so:First off, the -R option means recursive, so not

Proton Mail app finally arrives for macOS and Windows out of beta, and for Linux in beta

The Proton Desktop client even syncs your theme from the web version. ZDNET/Jack WallenA decade has passed since Proton introduced its Mail web app. The service offers end-to-end encryption, password protection for messages to non-users, VPN access, password management, a secure calendar, cloud storage, and much more. You can use Proton Mail for free or purchase a paid account. The free version has several limitations (such as 1GB of storage, one free email address, and 150 messages per day). For $10 per month, you…

Zorin OS 17.1 makes it even easier to run your must-have Windows apps on Linux

The Zorin OS 17.1 default desktop layout can easily be switched between a number of layouts. Jack Wallen/ZDNETZDNET's key takeawaysZorin OS 17.1 is available now for free.It's the easiest Linux distribution to use for installing and using Windows apps, and it offers multiple desktop layouts and plenty of pre-installed apps to get you productive out of the box. It would be nice if the Windows App Support software was installed by default.Linux has tons of apps, most of which are free. From nearly every Linux OS app…

How to lock away sensitive information on Linux with KDE Vaults

Once you've created your first Vault, you won't find the Vaults entry in the Notifications pop-up. ZDNET/Jack Wallen From the resulting pop-up, click Create a New Vault. You can name your vault whatever you like. ZDNET/Jack Wallen The next screen offers you a security notice that essentially reminds you that, while CryFS is considered safe, there has been no independent security audit done to confirm this claim. Go ahead and click Next. Type and verify a password for your new vault. ZDNET/Jack Wallen

Linux kernel 6.8 offers some exciting new features and ‘fixes all over’

The 6.8 kernel will be only supported for a few months and will be succeeded by kernel 6.9. Torvalds already has several pull requests pending and added, "...before that excitement commences, please do spend a bit of time with the now boring old status quo and give 6.8 a good test, ok?"You can read more about the Linux 6.8 kernel in this entry from Linux Torvalds.As far as installing the 6.8 kernel, your best bet is to wait until your distribution of choice adds it to its default repositories. If you're

BigLinux makes Linux easy for anyone – and it should be way more popular

BigLinux offers numerous desktop layouts, such as this OSX-like take. ZDNET/Jack WallenZDNET's key takeawaysBIgLinux is free and available for installation on as many computers as you need.It's big, beautiful, and offers more helpful features than the operating system you're currently using.It should be far more popular than it is.I thought I'd seen them all and worked with every distribution available. Even so, I poke around, every day, to see if there's something new to be had. Color me surprised when I ran into a…

The first 5 Linux commands every new user should learn

lsThe ls command lists the contents of a directory. When you run ls, it will show you all folders and files within the directory, and nothing else. But ls does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve. For example, say you want to see the details of the files and folders in that directory, you would add the -l option (which stands for long list). When you issue the command ls -l (which can also be run as ll), you see the permissions, owner, group, size, and creation date/time of each file and folder. Also: 5 Microsoft