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Toyota Is Making a Pokémon Motorcycle So You Can Ride Miraidon

Screenshot: The Pokémon Company / KotakuThis article originally appeared on Kotaku.Every Pokémon fan has dreamt of riding one of the series’ monsters instead of using more mundane methods of transportation. Cars, trains, boats, and planes are just not as cool as riding a Pokémon friend to get where you need to go. Well, Toyota has made at least one rideable Pokémon a reality, but it’s unlikely any of us will get to ride this real-life version of Pokémon Violet mascot Miraidon.Lamar Johnson Loves Beyblades and PokemonThe

Making the web more sustainable

In November, I conducted a survey aimed at SEO professionals, delving into their perspectives on climate change. This article unpacks the survey results, highlighting key findings and offering practical advice for SEO professionals looking to impact the environment positively. But first, let’s explore why the link between SEO and climate change matters.Why ask SEOs about climate change? What’s the link? While we’re slowly transitioning toward a net-zero environment, many scientists believe this won’t be

Apple is making big App Store changes in Europe over new rules. Could it mean more iPhone hacking?

Apple is opening small cracks in the iPhone's digital fortress as part of a regulatory clampdown in Europe that is striving to give consumers more choices — at the risk of creating new avenues for hackers to steal personal and financial information stored on the devices.The overhaul rolling out Thursday only in the European Union represents the biggest changes to the iPhone's App Store since Apple introduced the concept in 2008. Among other things, people in Europe can download iPhone apps from stores not operated by…

Making GenAI more efficient with a new kind of chip

EnCharge AI, which employs 50, has raised $45 million to date from venture capital firms including VentureTech, RTX Ventures, Anzu Partners, and AlleyCorp. The company was founded based on work done by Verma and his team at Princeton over the past decade or so.EnCharge AI is planning to sell its own accelerator chip and accompanying system boards for AI in "edge computing," including corporate data center racks, automobiles, and personal computers. Also: Nvidia boosts its 'superchip' Grace-Hopper with faster memory

How Nvidia leads the world with making AI user-friendly

NVIDIA It might feel like AI and all the advancements that come with it is a very new invention. In reality, it’s been around for many years, with NVIDIA being one of the key leaders in running AI in an accessible way. The number might surprise you, but over 100 million people can run AI locally with GeForce RTX and NVIDIA RTX GPUs — and many haven’t even really thought about what that means. It’s a concept that has gained much publicity in recent times, but it’s far from abstract as you’re using such tools every…

To Make My Chemistry Classes More Welcoming, I Start by Making Students Uncomfortable

To Make My Chemistry Classes More Welcoming, I Start by Making Students UncomfortableScience is becoming more diverse, but to make it more welcoming we need to examine our history and not repeat itBy Stephanie Knezz Credit: Credit: visualspace/Getty ImagesFor the past seven years, I’ve been teaching introductory and organic chemistry to lecture halls full of ambitious students who see my courses as a means to an end—medical school or requirements for a science major. They enter the room on the first day of class with…

Those NSFW Dune Popcorn Buckets Are Making People Some Real Money

If you were one of the many people who went out to theaters this week to check out the critically acclaimed Dune: Part Two, you might have been one of the lucky few to score the movie's viral tie-in popcorn bucket. It's a novelty item that was meant to resemble one of the sci-fi franchise's famous giant sandworms but instead hilariously turned out looking like something far more NSFW. And it's that very naughtiness that has seemingly made the buckets super popular -- and pricey -- over on eBay. analyzed eBay…

Florida Surgeon General Risks Making a Dangerous Measles Outbreak Much Worse

Florida Risks Making a Dangerous Measles Outbreak Much WorseBy ignoring common sense and medical advice, Florida’s health officials risk accelerating a burgeoning measles outbreakBy Katelyn Jetelina & Kristen PanthaganiIllustration of measles virus. Credit: Kateryna Kon/Science Photo Library/Getty ImagesAn outbreak of measles in Florida has grown to 10 cases. Most have been linked to an elementary school with nearly three dozen unvaccinated students. The count includes seven cases tied to the school, two in the same

Cities are sinking, and it’s making them more vulnerable to climate change

America’s coastal cities are sinking, putting more people at risk for flooding than urban planners might have expected with sea level rise alone.The gradual sinking of land, also known as land subsidence, could cause flooding to reach far more communities than previously anticipated, according to new research published today in the journal Nature. The study looked at 32 major cities along the US shoreline, and forecasted future flooding with climate change. In a worst-case scenario without adequate flood defenses, up to…

Son Starts Making Plans To Move Out After Mom Hikes Rent, She Is Shocked

The luxury of staying at home rent-free is a privilege, not afforded to many. The moment you turn 18, you are often expected to become independent. You might have to say goodbye to free food, internet, and most importantly, free rent. This poster, though he has been living with his parents, has been paying a weekly rent of $60. However, with a recent job promotion, his rent needs to increase. This has sparked some drama as he plans his exit from the family home.More info: RedditHaving a roof provided by family is a gift…