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Vampire’s Kiss Retro Review: Nic Cage’s Wildest Performance

Renfield might be the first movie where NicolasCage plays Dracula, but it’s not the first movie where he’s played a vampire. Kind of. Maybe? That indistinct honor goes to 1988’s Vampire’s Kiss, an exceedingly strange movie where Cage becomes a vampire... sort of. He does have to buy a pair of fake Halloween fangs to complete the effect.Renfield's Director and Writer Talk Practical Effects | io9 InterviewThere are two things you need to know immediately about Vampire’s Kiss: the first is that although it is billed as a

A ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 Update Softens the Blow of a Poor Box Office Performance by ‘Renfield’

Image via HBO Max Early expectations for Nick Cage’s latest foray into vamparism were high, but it seems Redfield’s box office performance doesn’t quite match up to viewer hype.  Hype for the wild blood-sucking release was sky-high, ahead of its release to theaters, but it seems audiences failed to actually show up for the film. An abysmal opening weekend is souring excitement for the wacky horror comedy, as The Super Mario Bros Movie instead rockets past to dominate the box office.  Perhaps the rising…

‘Renfield’ Box Office Numbers Suck More Than Nicolas Cage’s Dracula

via Universal Given that Count Dracula’s immortal existence has been defined by an unquenchable thirst for blood extracted from human necks by his prominent fangs, you’d have hoped Nicolas Cage’s take on the iconic vampire would be the suckiest thing about Renfield. Unfortunately, that crown has now been taken by the movie’s dismal opening weekend at the box office. As recently as Friday, director Chris McKay’s horror comedy was predicted to take second behind the all-conquering behemoth that is The Super Mario…

What’s Your Favorite Version of Dracula?

One of the big movies of the week is Universal’s Renfield, a modern take of sorts on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Seeing Nicholas Cage ham it up as the legendary vampire in question is meant to be one of the film’s main draws, and as it turns out, it’s not the only the film Universal’s cooked up for Dracula. Come August, we’re due for a more horror-focused take on the character in The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which is intended to adapt a single chapter from Stoker’s novel into a feature length film. Spoilers of the Week:…

Julius Avery on Making a “Badass” Priest

Alongside Renfield, There’s a handful of films out this week, including The Pope’s Exorcist. Similar to Warner Bros. Conjuring series, the movie stars Russell Crowe as a fictional version of Father Gabriele Amorth, who served as the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist. And in this case, “fictional” means “a priest who also has a shotgun when the situation calls for it.”Spoilers of the Week | June 3rdBeyond Crowe, the other big draw of the film might be director Julius Avery. Best known for 2018's Overlord, Avery spoke to The

‘Renfield’ Battles Between Comedy and Blood Spatter as Nicolas Cage Shines

Image via Universal Pictures Nicolas Cage as Dracula was always the selling point for Renfield. Donning the iconic cape, resembling the classic Bela Lugosi iteration, and emphasizing his bloodthirsty canines, the actor outshines the character in the comedic and light-hearted spiritual successor to Universal’s most prized monster movie. Cage’s wild gaze, backed by a perfectly corresponding makeup (in Dracula’s both grotesque-looking & flamboyant attires), is further highlighted by a hint of an accent that the…

‘Cocaine Bear’ Peacock Release Helps the Film Soar to Greater Heights While ‘Renfield’ Leaves a Post-Credits Question Up in the Air

Image via Universal Sharpen your canines for a delicious Fang Friday, vampire nerds! With today officially being Renfield day, the spooky fandom is understandably ecstatic and flocking to the theaters in waves to witness Nic Cage in action. Of course, one of the most anticipating aspects of the film relates to the possibility of a post-credits scene — though we’ll dive more into that later. For now, there’s a strong lineup of goodies just ready to be examined under the microscope in today’s daily horror roundup…

Ben Schwartz on Balancing Scripted Comedy and Improv in Renfield | io9 Interview

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‘Return of the King’ Lives up to Its Title to Beat ‘Renfield’ at the Box Office

Image via New Line Cinema Re-releases happen all the time, but very rarely do the ones not directed by James Cameron gain much of a foothold at the box office. That being said. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King has lived up to its title and then some after debuting as the second most popular movie in the country after 24 hours back on the big screen. While it didn’t stand a chance of toppling the all-conquering behemoth that The Super Mario Bros. Movie has turned out to be, Peter Jackson’s all-time…

Will There Be a Sequel to ‘Renfield?’

Image via Universal Pictures Renfield has finally risen into cinemas, and by all accounts, there’s never been a more off-the-chain Dracula story; whether that works for or against the film seems to come down to one’s personal preference, specifically the degree of one’s affinity for blood-spattered action interwoven with some gut-busting dialogue and a deceptively heartwarming emotional journey. But the question remains: will we be seeing Nicholas Hoult’s bug-eating superhuman in a sequel? Renfield, after all,…