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Microsoft to Launch Its Own App Store on iOS for Xbox Games and Third-Party Content Next Year: Report

Microsoft could launch its app store on the iPhone and iPad as soon as 2024. The European Union's Digital Markets Act will reportedly make major changes in March 2024, which will allow other app and game developers to introduce their own app stores that could co-exist with the Apple App Store on iOS and iPadOS. And now it seems that Microsoft will be among the early players to push out its own store for Xbox apps and games after EU rules come into force.According to a report by the Financial…

iPhone 14 Plus Sales Surpass That of iPhone 13 Mini: Report

iPhone 14, the latest iPhone series that launched in September 2022, has been hugely popular among consumers. Reportedly it is more popular than the iPhone 13 series that launched the year before. When compared, the iPhone 14 models perform better than its predecessors despite using the same chipsets. Both lineups introduced an exclusive new colour option in the subsequent year of their releases. The iPhone 13 Mini was launched in a green variant in March 2022 and the iPhone 14 Plus model was launched in a yellow colour…

Twitter Begins Testing Government ID-Based Verification for Blue Subscribers: Report

Twitter is reportedly testing a feature that allows subscribers to submit government ID to have their profiles verified on the platform. Analysis of the Android version of the app shows the company is working on the ability to submit images of the front and rear sides of a document proving a user's identity, along with a selfie, according a report. The microblogging platform is yet to announce any plans to launch such a feature, which is expected to make its way to Twitter Blue subscribers.AI-based app analysis and…

Latest IPCC report on climate change: “More ambitious action” needed

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its latest report, pulling together the findings of previous reports to provide a more complete picture of how human-caused climate change continues to affect the planet.The Climate Change 2023: Synthesis Report is the most comprehensive summary of our current knowledge about climate change. In 2018, the IPCC highlighted the challenges of keeping global warming to 2.7 °F (1.5 °C). Now, five years on, as greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, so does…

Apple to Open India’s First Flagship Retail Store in Mumbai Next Month, Delhi Store to Follow Soon: Report

Apple is reportedly planning to open its first flagship India retail store in Mumbai. While there has been confirmation about the same from the Cupertino-based tech giant, the flagship store will reportedly open by next month, in April. Apple sells its products through partner retail stores throughout India. Earlier this year, it was reported that the company is hiring workers for its retail stores in Mumbai as well as Delhi. Hence, the Apple Delhi store can also be expected to open in the coming months.According to an…

New report outlines comprehensive strategy

The new report is one of the most wide-ranging housing policy reviews to date. Credit: Shutterstock A newly published UNSW Sydney research report provides a comprehensive roadmap to confront Queensland's housing and rental crisis, with many of its recommendations applicable and adaptable Australia-wide. The report, "A blueprint to

WhatsApp Begins Listing Common Groups in Contact Search Results for Some Beta Testers: Report

WhatsApp has begun testing a feature on the latest beta version of the popular messaging app for Android that will display common groups when searching for a contact on WhatsApp. The change to the application's search feature will allow users to quickly find a group with an obscure title or if its name is in a different language. Meanwhile, the Meta-owned messaging service is also redesigning the attachment picker menu on the Android application. However, unlike the revamped search feature, the new attachment picker…

Uranus moons might have hidden oceans, says NASA

At a time when scientists are trying to find water on other planets and their moons, NASA has made a big revelation. According to a tweet by NASA Sun and Space, one or more of Uranus' moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces. "One or more of Uranus' moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces, according to new findings," the tweet read.In a new study led by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland, researchers reanalyzed nearly 40-year-old energetic particle