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Sony’s ZV-E1 Makes Room For a Full-Frame Sensor

Those holding their breath for Sony to update its A6000 line of digital cameras are coming dangerously close to running out of air. Today, the company announced yet another addition to its ever-growing line of cameras targeted at video content creators, specifically vloggers, with the ZV-E1: its first to feature a 35mm full-frame sensor.If the $800 Sony ZV-1 and the $500 Sony ZV-1F were targeted at hobbyist vloggers, the new $2,200 ZV-E1 is going after those who’ve been in the game for a while. It’s looking to be a

April’s PS Plus games include PS5 launch title, new release

Sony has revealed the games that are going to be part of April’s batch of PlayStation Plus Essential titles, and it includes a game that was a PS5 launch title, as well as a brand new game from the developers of Dead by Daylight. Specifically, the three games that will be available starting April 4 are the PS4 and PS5 versions of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Meet Your Maker, and Tails of Iron. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a 3D platformer spinoff of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series that launched…

Sony announces ZV-E1 vlogging camera with full-frame sensor

Sony today announced the ZV-E1 vlogging camera. This new model sits at the top of the company's ZV line and is the first to feature a full-frame sensor. The ZV-E1 has the same 12MP full-frame sensor found on the A7S III and the FX3, which is a very high quality sensor with remarkable low light capabilities and 15+ stops dynamic range. It couples this with the same BIONZ XR image processor from those two other cameras, which should ensure nearly identical image quality. The ZV-E1 makes some concessions compared to…

The Last of Us Part I’s PC Port in Bad Technical Shape, Developer Investigating Performance Issues

The Last of Us Part I was finally released on PC on Tuesday, March 28, and it's already getting bombarded with negative Steam reviews. At the time of writing, the game has a 33 percent positive rating, mainly owing to the broken state it was released in. Since its launch, there have been multiple reports in regard to performance issues, ranging from hard crashes, stuttering, poor optimisation, and long loading times. Developer Naughty Dog remade its 2013 magnum opus for the PS5 last year and originally planned on porting…

See Stunning Photos of How Climate Change Is Altering Our World

Beautiful and troubling photographs of how the world is changing and heating up are part of a competition to pressure one of the world’s leading camera companies to drop its controversial views on climate.Business accountability watchdog Action Speaks Louder launched the “Cameras Don’t Lie” competition in February in order to pressure photography giant Canon to distance itself from the climate denial the group says is being perpetuated at a nonprofit Canonsupports.“Canon has two faces; while branding itself as an

This 4K HDMI Dongle Makes Retro Gaming on Your TV a Breeze

With even smartwatches offering more processing power than the classic video game consoles of yesteryear, there’s now no shortage of ways to scratch a retro gaming itch. And while it seems like most retro gaming innovation is currently focused on retro handhelds, Powkiddy, whichmakes its own fair share of portables, is introducing an HDMI dongle that promises to make it easier to retro game on a big screen.To be clear, while connecting a classic console like a Super Nintendo or an N64 to a modern TV can be challenging

The First Proper PS5 Deal is Here — Save $50 on This Bundle

After all this time, we’ve finally seen an actual discount on the Sony PlayStation 5. Over at Best Buy, you can buy the PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle for $510 saving you $50 off the usual price of $560. Sure, that’s just under 10% off but such deals simply haven’t happened before. With stock being so limited in the past, it’s huge news to see such a big saving on the PlayStation 5. This is your chance to save or use that money on one of the many PS5 game deals going on. Not entirely sold on the PS5? Let’s…

Sony beats out Nintendo in Metacritic’s 2023 game publisher rankings

Sony takes “Metacritic’s #1 publisher of the year” award 2022 was a really strange year for gaming. We had quite a few big releases, but some of them were only released in 2022 because they were delayed (in several cases, repeatedly). Some projects were even delayed out of 2022. That’s what makes this newest annual ranking list from Metacritic so interesting. Going solely off of critical rankings (with a formula detailed below), Metacritic managed to muster up a full “top 45” list based on 2022 releases: and Sony took…

This 2TB internal SSD for PS5 with heatsink is $160 off

Sony’s PlayStation 5 may have exceeded most expectations, but the console has one glaring limitation — it only has 825GB of storage space. If you want to install all the titles that you purchase from PS5 game deals, you’ll need an internal SSD like Western Digital’s WD Black SN850. It will expand your PlayStation 5’s internal memory by 2TB for just $200, as it’s currently on sale from Best Buy with a $160 discount on its original price of $360. If you’re interested, you need to buy it now because we expect this…