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33 People Share The Fastest Ways They’ve Ever Seen Their Coworker Get Fired

While some play video games to relax or experience a good story or whatever, speed-running games takes it to a whole new level.Speed-running a game takes skill, commitment, perfect reflexes, and a whole lot of practice. Many people commend speed-runners for their sheer aptitude to run through a game like no other. It’s impressive to say the least.Now, apply the same formula to folks who got fired from a job more or less as soon as they got hired for it. A recent AskReddit dealt with this very question of what’s the…

10 ways to leverage generative AI for advanced SEO

Generative AI is revolutionizing SEO, especially for large websites dealing with complex technical challenges.  AI’s exceptional capacity to analyze data, forecast trends, aid content creation and automate tasks can help shift your SEO approach from reactive to proactive. Discover 10 ways to enhance your SEO using generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Claude by Anthropic. 1. Improving information architecture An internal linking structure optimized for the customer’s buying journey and search

11 Ways Fortnite’s Locker UI Is Worse In Chapter 5

Fortnite Chapter 5 has been pretty great so far in the ways that matter most--the battle royale gameplay feels different in a good way, and the battle pass is one of Fortnite's best ever. But it's also managed to introduce a totally revamped locker UI that adds support for new cosmetics related to the new Lego, Rocket League and Festival modes--and which makes the customization experience a lot worse than it used to be, inspiring a ton of backlash from fans--this has been an even bigger topic on reddit…

New Study Lists The Ways a Rogue Star Could Spell Doom For Our Solar System : ScienceAlert

Stars are gravitationally fastened to their galaxies and move in concert with their surroundings. But sometimes, something breaks the bond. If a star gets too close to a supermassive black hole, for example, the black hole can expel it out into space as a rogue star.What would happen to Earth if one of these stellar interlopers got too close?It's not a very likely occurrence, but the chance is not zero.After several billion years, our Solar System has evolved into sedentary predictability. The planets move as they move,…

6 ways to be a great mentor at work (and how it helps you too)

"Sometimes people like to point the finger and don't like to make a decision because they might get it wrong," he says, speaking to ZDNET at the recent VMware Explore event in Barcelona."When you're a leader, if there's a problem, it needs be on you. It's nobody else's fault." But conversely, if someone does a great job, then they need to get called out singularly and the collective team needs to be praised, too. "That's the way you learn, and you improve," he says. "We have a great training budget. But mentoring is

Apple shares new iPhone accessibility film from Taika Waititi that will break your heart in all the right ways

To celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, Apple has released an incredibly emotional film highlighting the power of one of its latest and greatest iPhone accessibility features, Personal voice. Apple first unveiled the feature in May for iPhone and iPad. Designed for users “at risk of losing their ability to speak”, such as those diagnosed with ALS (MND), Personal Voice lets users record 15 minutes of audio and video using randomized text that can be turned into a Personal Voice that can…

8 ways AI and 5G are pushing the boundaries of innovation together

But AI on 5G is so much more than technical advancements. The convergence of 5G and AI "is not just about speed; it's the first time we witness mobile broadband catering to the demands of next-gen activities," says Anthony Goonetilleke, group president at Amdocs. "From extended reality to augment reality to generative AI, leveraging this connectivity foundation paves the way for transformative experiences. When these technologies converge, like AI accessing connectivity to redefine connected cars, it generates a new

From coding to debugging, know 5 ways ChatGPT chatbot can boost the productivity of software developers

It is well known that OpenAI's generative artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT is capable of assisting people in drafting emails, writing generic stories and essays, and even answering basic queries. However, that is not all it can do. The ChatGPT chatbot is also capable of undertaking technical tasks such as analyzing large chunks of data, coding and testing codes, and even debugging codes by identifying the root cause of errors. This sets it up to be the perfect assistant for software developers in saving their time…

5 Ways Why Hollywood Should Include Language Dialects To Elevate The Appeal Of Their Films

5 Ways Language Dialects Elevate The Appeal of Hollywood Films(Photo Credit –IMDb) You might take that British or Minnesotan accent in your favorite film or TV show for granted, but that’s certainly not the case for whoever helms and writes a cinematic piece. Different English accents, linguistics, and certain dialects in film and TV are always well-sought and exist for a reason. Take the TV show “Fargo,” for instance — without the signature North Dakota, Minnesota accent, the show would be half-done. It won’t have the…

3 ways Google Maps protects users from fake and unhelpful content

Google Maps has recently shared insights into how the recently redesigned platform proactively detects fake and unhelpful content and takes action against it. Recently, Google Maps received a number of major updates including Immersive View for routes, new AI features, and a new color palette. However, these features have made it even more important to keep the platform safe from fake reviews and misinformation. Google has revealed three different ways it is combating such content and making the platform robust for its…