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Amazon’s Newest Smart Device Helps Track Your Sleep

The Halo Ring sits on a nightstand and senses your sleep. Screenshot: AmazonAmazon held an invite-only event today to introduce a batch of new connected devices to its smart home ecosystem, and we’re here to share the deets. The company announced the Halo Rise, a device that sits on your nightstand and helps track your sleep, plus a family of new Echo smart speakers. The Eero mesh wifi networking system also received a bit of a bump with new capabilities. And there’s another way to bring Alexa into your car now.A Dot and

Knott’s Scary Farm Fun Halloween Frights: Photo Tour

Photo: Sabina Graves/GizmodoAt a year shy of its 50th anniversary, Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California is one of longest-running amusement park haunts. The event that takes place at Knott’s Berry Farm (as it’s known all year) is pretty much the originator of Halloween culture on the West Coast, which doesn’t have a proper harvest autumn. Instead of hayrides, Scary Farm invited park guests into haunted houses filled with ghosts, witches, ghouls, and more. It’s the OG that definitely inspired other horror-themed

New Instagram ‘Notes’ Feature Is a Snapchat/Twitter Copy

Instagram began experimenting with the feature as early as June 2022.Image: KIrill Kudryavtsev (Getty Images)An upcoming text-based Instagram feature that nobody asked for appears to be getting a wider rollout. The feature reportedly allows users to post disappearing messages to followers, who can then reply.Fresh off the heels of TikTok unveiling “Now,” which is shamelessly modelled after the juggernaut BeReal, it would appear that the cannibalism of social media platforms continues as Instagram begins a wider rollout of

Amazon Wants to Sell You a Presence Detecting QLED Fire TV

Do you like Fire TV enough to bring a whole TV with it built-in to your home? Image: AmazonOf all of Amazon’s in-home technology, the Fire TV lineup of devices is quite compelling when you stack it up against its main competition, like Google TV and Roku. But is it enough to bring a whole-ass Amazon television set into your home?At an event today, Amazon announced two more ways to bring Fire TV into your home: the third-generation Fire TV Cube and a QLED second-generation Omni TV with Fire TV built into its software. The

Andor’s Crazy Rakata Easter Egg, Explained

Image: LucasfilmAndor is so refreshing in part because it does not feel like the kind of Star Wars show that is going to drop everything, point at a familiar character arriving onto the scene, and go “look! Star War!” And yet, out of nowhere, this week’s thrilling episode dropped maybe one of the most absurdly deep-cut canonizations this era of Star Wars has ever seen.“Aldhani” picks up quickly where Andor’s three-part premiere left off, as Cassian and Luthen race away from the planet Ferrix, and the latter just as

Astronomers May Have Spotted the Remnants of One of the Earliest Stars

A team of astronomers studying the gas surrounding a distant quasar believe it may carry remnants of one of the universe’s first stars.The first stars are known as Population III stars (the three star populations were named in the order they were observed, so the Population III stars are counterintuitively the earliest). These oldest stars are hypothetical at the moment and presumed long gone, as they would have been hundreds of times the mass of the Sun and would have burned out quickly. None have ever been observed, but

Post-Release Editing Is Real—Here Are 8 Examples

There’s lots to be said about the era of streaming content as opposed to purchasing its corresponding physical counterpart. More specifically, in the world of streaming, consumers don’t really own anything. While this may take a load off your mind and keep you from having to alphabetically organize your DVD collection…Read more... There’s lots to be said about the era of streaming content as opposed to purchasing its corresponding physical counterpart. More specifically, in the world of streaming, consumers don’t…

Lululemon to launch a subscription service that requires a Mirror home fitness device

On October 5th, Lululemon will launch a new membership service that requires a Mirror at-home fitness device. Lululemon Studio builds upon the 10,000 on-demand and livestream classes already accessible with a Mirror subscription. Members will get access to old online content from studio partners, can stream the new classes they release per week and can sign up for in-person classes at their brick-and-mortar locations at a discount. At the moment, the program lists eight partner studios, namely AARMY, Y7 Studio, DOGPOUND,…

The Best Images of DART’s Fatal Encounter With an Asteroid

The final full-frame image captured by DART prior to its collision with the Dimorphos asteroid. Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins APLNASA’s DART spacecraft was 6.8 million miles from Earth when it slammed into a football stadium-sized asteroid on Monday. Despite this immense distance, images from the impact and its aftermath are coming in, and they’re proving to be better—and far more bizarre—than we expected.Going into Monday’s test, it wasn’t clear how much of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test we’d get to see. At the very