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Kang Dynasty Is Getting a Name Change, and Could Drop Kang Entirely

Superhero movies are in a weird place right now, especially at Marvel’s house of ideas. Even as recent films struggle to land with audiences like the surefire hits of old, the studio is ready to look ahead with the heightened interest in what’s on the horizon. But part of that horizon includes navigating the murky waters around the next Avengers movie.Ant-man’s Director on *That* End Credits SceneThe Hollywood Reporter writes—as part of a larger piece examining Marvel’s current trials and tribulations, from the lackluster…

Josh Brolin Says Thanos May Return to the MCU

Josh Brolin’s been hearing rumors that suggest Thanos will return to the MCU in a future project. Mads Mikkelsen says a new season of Hannibal has “got to happen.” Plus we’ve got trailers for another film based on a Disney character entering the the public domain, one about the Loveland Frog, and a lot more. It’s spoilerin’ time! Spoilers of the Week: August 5thPhoto: Marvel StudiosAvengers: Secret WarsDuring a recent interview with Comic Book, Josh Brolin stated he’s heard rumors “through the grapevine” Marvel intends

She-Hulk Season 2 Seems Unlikely, According to Tatiana Maslany

If you had to guess which Marvel character would be the first to publicly acknowledge whether or not their show is returning to Disney+, of course, it would be She-Hulk. The self-aware, fourth-wall-breaking heroine played by Tatiana Maslany is one of several characters introduced on the streamer whose fate has yet to be acknowledged. But, it seems Maslany has an idea, and it’s not very encouraging.She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 9 Finale ReviewAppearing on a Twitch game show, the Orphan Black star was asked if she…

Robert Downey Jr. Wishes His MCU Work Got More Real Recognition

Image: Marvel StudiosThe MCU started with Robert Downey Jr.’s career-defining turn as Iron Man all the way back in 2008. Over the next 11 years, Downey would reprise the role for numerous sequels and team-ups, and now that he’s had some distance from the whole shebang, he thinks his Marvel tenure was intentionally overlooked. How Ewan McGregor Helped Bring Back Obi WanRecently, Downey appeared on Rob Lowe’s “Literally!” podcast and mentioned how he feels like his Iron Man work—which he considers “some of the best work I

Midnight Suns Is Marvel Messiness Worth Coming Back To

Firaxis and 2K’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns was one of my favorite games of 2022, but it ended up falling by the wayside in 2023. Amid a deluge of great games and an busy year, it was hard to carve time out for the tactical RPG. But as 2023 wound down and with 2024 just days into being, I’ve come back to the game and found myself easily re-charmed by what seemed like a fairly unconventional game. The Woman Who Would Be PhotonThere are plenty of reasons to love Midnight Suns, but all of it is ultimately rooted in just how well…

Marvel Became Its Own Worst Enemy in 2023

This year, the once-untouchable Marvel Studios finally showed some vulnerability. For 15 years, the studio behind some of the biggest and best superhero movies ever was all but invincible. Every single gamble paid off. Every story expertly seeded over a decade blossomed beautifully. And even in the less cohesive few years after Avengers: Endgame, when the studio was releasing all manner of seemingly unrelated, superfluous shows and movies, it all seemed to work out. The Woman Who Would Be PhotonNot so much in 2023—which…

Marvel Drops Jonathan Majors as Kang After Assault Trial Verdict

Image: Marvel StudiosThe future is uncertain for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Marvel’s planned crossover film, set for release May 1, 2026, will likely feature a new face taking over the role of Kang the Conqueror as Jonathan Majors has been ousted as the MCU’s reigning big bad.What Did the Actors Bring to Their Back to the Future: The Musical Performances? After the verdict in Majors’ court case, in which the actor was found guilty of third degree assault and harassment, Marvel now purportedly has a big role to fill. The

Disney Marvel Studios Gift Guide: Loki, Spider-Man, Avengers

Image: MarvelThe whole family can channel their favorite Marvel characters with gifts inspired by the heroes and villains of the MCU, Spider-Man films, Disney+ shows like Loki and Ms. Marvel, and ‘90s X-Men cartoon throwbacks. This holiday season, be merry and Marvel with collections available online and in select stores from retailers like BoxLunch, RSVLTS, Loungefly, Chewy, and Heroes & Villains. From accessories to baby outfits to pet gifts—io9 has you covered in this and every timeline.Check out our Marvel style

Chris Evans Captain American Return: Marvel Actor Denies Rumors

The first rule of playing a superhero is deny, deny, deny. Is there a rumor going around about your character? Is that rumor true? Don’t sweat it. Simply lie about it for fear of ruining the surprise. Ms. Marvel's Directors Talk Embiggening the Show's Superhero ActionIt’s come to a point where spoilers are so sacred that we’ve not only normalized lying in entertainment media, but it’s endearing to most of the audience. Fans both desperately want to know all the biggest secrets about every upcoming project, but also…

Loki’s Michael Waldron Will Also Write Avengers: Kang Dynasty

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)As Marvel looks to refocus the creative teams behind its far-flung Avengers duology in the wake of director Destin Daniel Cretton’s departure, the studio has reportedly decided that why not make the man already writing an Avengers movie, write another Avengers movie?Ms. Marvel's Directors Talk Embiggening the Show's Superhero ActionDeadline reports that Waldron—already set to to write Avengers: Secret Wars for Marvel—has now come aboard the other Avengers movie in the works, Kang