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5 Microsoft Edge settings to change for more secure browsing than Chrome offers

If you open the Microsoft Edge Settings window, you won't find a Security section because these settings are included in the Privacy, Search, and Services section. But which settings do you change? There are five security settings I would recommend looking into. Here they are:1. Disable Save Payment MethodsAlthough saving your payment methods in a web browser is convenient, it's not something I would ever recommend. To that end, I always disable the saving of payment methods. The problem is that disabling the saving of

Google Chrome for Android could soon let you copy and save frames from videos

Google Chrome for Desktop/PC (Mac and Windows) allows you to copy a frame from a video to the clipboard or save it on your device, which makes it easier for you to grab frames from videos and use them for various purposes, such as sharing it with someone or using it in a project. All you have to do to use this functionality is right-click on a video and select the ‘Copy video frame’ or ‘Save video frame as’ options. Now, Google seems to be working on bringing the same functionality to Google Chrome for Android. In a new…

The latest Android threat: Chrome browser malware alert

As Android users continue to navigate the digital landscape, a new menace emerges, posing a significant risk to millions worldwide. Recent reports highlight a concerning trend involving the infiltration of Android devices through a deceptive disguise: the Chrome browser. Security analysts have raised alarms about the resurgence of the Android XLoader malware, masquerading as Chrome, with alarming capabilities aimed at compromising user privacy and device security.Unveiling the Android XLoader Malware ThreatThe Android…

Google Chrome update brings AI-powered ‘Help Me Write’ feature that helps write content; Know how to turn it on

Last month, Google introduced a slew of experimental artificial intelligence (AI) features coming to its Chrome browser. Three features were unveiled - Tab Organizer, AI theme generation and Help Me Write. In the last few months, the California-based tech giant has been hard at work incorporating AI technology into Google Chrome, its popular browser. Now, one of the above-mentioned is finally making its way to the stable version of Google Chrome. Know all about the Help Me Write feature.About the Help Me Write featureIn…

Govt issues high-risk alert for Google Chrome users! Know how to update your browser

In response to critical security concerns, India's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a high-risk alert for users of Google Chrome, urging immediate action to mitigate potential threats. The advisory, released recently, highlights multiple vulnerabilities in the desktop version of Google Chrome that could be exploited by remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on targeted systems.High-risk alert for Google Chrome usersAccording to CERT-In, these vulnerabilities impact Google Chrome versions prior to…

New Help me write feature is amazing

One of the first and probably most commonly used features of ChatGPT and other generative AI products is writing text that meets specific needs. Maybe it’s an email reply, a cover letter, a story, a school paper, or anything else you can think of. Writing is the natural capability of AI products since text is the primary way they respond. They generate replies to your prompts and can summarize anything. Of course, they can also generate fresh text if you need them to. Text generation should be easy to access,…

Chrome’s latest experimental AI feature can help you write

Google has added an experimental generative AI feature to its browser with the launch of Chrome M122. The new AI tool is called "Help me write," because it can literally help you write more descriptive sentences or even full paragraphs from a short prompt. Google says the tool uses its Gemini models to understand the context of the web page you're on so that it could generate appropriate suggestions. If you're on a review page, for instance, it can give you a suggestion that reads like a review instead of a sales copy.…

Chrome now has a new AI writing tool to help you write almost anything online

GoogleIf you've ever struggled to find the right words online, a new AI-powered feature for the Google Chrome browser is here to help.Late last year, Google began testing a "Help me write" feature for Chrome that promised to help users write just about any kind of text online -- from reviews to customer service requests to marketplace listings. Also: Need Google Chrome to load pages faster? Enable this feature to speed it upStarting today, that feature is rolling out to all Chrome users. To use it, just right-click