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How Long Was Tom Hanks’ Chuck on the Island in ‘Cast Away?’ How Tom Hanks Almost Died Shooting ‘Cast Away,’ Explained

The Tom Hanks starrer Cast Away is perhaps one of the most heartbreaking films out there as his character gets marooned on a desolate island, with no rescue in sight, and no way of getting back home. Yes, there are many films out there that have a similar plot, but they didn’t have Hanks or the fact that it is hard to dislike his character Chuck and not feel all wrecked when the fate of his love life is revealed. But while watching the film was just traumatizing for us, it almost became life-threatening for the…

10 More Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Books to Read Ahead of Their Upcoming Adaptations

Image: HeadpressOk, this isn’t a sci-fi or fantasy book, but it’s definitely in the realms of horror. In the hands of film scholar and director Kier-La Janisse—who made Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched, the definitive documentary on folk horror—it’s guaranteed to be a fascinating adaptation. Severin Films announced the project earlier this week in a press release, and described the book as follows: “Documenting the intersection of ethnographic documentary, the dystopic future visions of JG Ballard, and the 1970s snuff

Where The “Nightwing Snacc” Image That Outraged Chuck Dixon Came From

Posted in: Batman, Comics, Comics Publishers, Current News, DC Comics | Tagged: chuck dixon, nightwingWhere did the "Nightwing snacc" image posted by Chuck Dixon and boosted by Dean Cain as if it were real, actually come from? We find out...Article Summary Fake "Nightwing snacc" image outrage originated from a fan-made joke by Kilomin. Chuck Dixon and Dean Cain mistakenly shared the image, sparking controversy. Kilomin's edited dialogue celebrates Nightwing's appeal to the queer community. The…

Chuck E. Cheese Game Show in the Works

The producers of 'Top Chef' and 'Nailed It!' are producing a show that echoes 'Family Game Night' and 'Squid Game: The Challenge' What’s at the center of the Venn diagram connecting fun, pepperoni, and mice? Chuck E. Cheese, of course. TV producers are banking that the union of pizza and rodentia will spark nostalgia on a level even Pizza Rat couldn’t fathom in the form of a new Chuck E. Cheese–themed gameshow, on which adults will compete by playing all the games they loved as kids. The

Mike Flanagan’s The Life Of Chuck Has Wrapped, And The Filmmaker Has Posted A Lovely Message About The New Stephen King Movie

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I hope that all of you are preparing yourselves for a lovely day full of family, friends, and food – but just because this is a holiday doesn’t mean that the week was deprived of news and fun from the world of Stephen King. There is still plenty to be collected for this week’s edition of The King Beat.From The Life Of Chuck wrapping principal photography, to Rick And Morty’s latest episode featuring not just one but two Stephen King references, there is a lot of fun stuff to reflect on, so…

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Free for a Limited Time on Apple TV+

Image: Apple TV+Here’s some good news if Thanksgiving doesn’t feel right without spending quality time with Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, will stream free on Apple TV+ this weekend, following the streamer’s tradition of making vintage Peanuts specials available to non-subscribers for a limited time.Dominic Monaghan on Attending Fan ConventionsIf you have an Apple TV+ account, of course, you can invite yourself over to ol’ Chuck’s house (like Peppermint Patty does)

Camp Damascus by Chuck Tingle is a Focused Horror

Chuck Tingle is famously (and infamously) known for self-publishing absurdist erotica that almost always skews queer. Despite ridiculous titles like Handsome Sentient Food Pounds My Butt And Turns Me Gay: Eight Tales Of Hot Food and Not Pounded By Bi Erasure Because My Current Hetero-Presenting Relationship Does Not Invalidate My Queerness, Tingle’s work remains steadfastly earnest, which continues with his newly-written horror story. Camp Damascus is Tingle’s first full-length, traditionally published novel, and it

How Chuck Palahniuk’s Meta Sequel Made Tyler Durden Even Worse

For those who think Tyler Durden's death in "Fight Club" makes no sense, they are ultimately proven right. The Narrator shooting himself doesn't kill Tyler for good, and in the sequel, he becomes the main antagonist again. But instead of his modest intent to wipe out corporations, Tyler has higher aspirations in the second book. Ten years after "Fight Club," the sequel kicks off in earnest when Tyler starts controlling Sebastian, aka The Narrator. Living in a suburban nightmare with Marla starts all of…

Chuck Todd to Be Replaced by Kristen Welker on NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Todd, who has anchored the Sunday program since 2014, will step down in September. Todd, who has anchored the Sunday program since 2014, will step down in September. FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE NEWS Read original article here Denial of responsibility! Techno Blender is an automatic aggregator of the all world’s media. In each content, the hyperlink to the primary source is specified. All trademarks belong to their rightful owners, all materials to their authors. If you are the owner of the content and do not want us…

10 Robert Englund Horror Roles Beyond Nightmare on Elm Street

Image: NetflixEnglund’s casting in Netflix’s blockbuster sci-fi horror series perfectly fit with the ‘80s-set show’s season-four themes, which evoked A Nightmare on Elm Street’s tactic of having a monster attack victims in a surreal dream world—or in this case, the Upside Down. In Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares, Englund recalls auditioning for Hawkins’ sleazy mayor, a role that eventually went to another ‘80s icon, Cary Elwes. But even though Englund’s Victor Creel is only in one season-four episode, the character’s