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Hot Toys’ Padawan Ahsoka Is Its Most Realistic Little Child Soldier Yet

Image: Hot ToysBeyond the surprise of Ariana Greenblatt showing up during Ahsoka as a live-action interpretation of the Star Wars character’s animated youth was a really stark reminder Clone Wars never truly sold: holy hell, that is a little kid they gave a pair of glowsticks to and stuck on the front lines of the deadliest war the galaxy had seen in thousands of years. And now you can be reminded of the Jedi Order’s hubris—via wallet-induced pain—thanks to Hot Toys!The company’s latest Star Wars action figure goes back

What if Kenner’s Classic Star Wars Toys Kept Going?

Image: Christopher Moeller/LucasfilmThe Epic Continues never made it past this presentation point, however—conflicting stories say either Lucasfilm approved the idea only for Kenner’s upper management to wind down the Star Wars line anyway based on market research showing declining interest in the series, or that Lucasfilm just wasn’t quite ready to take steps in solidifying a new Star Wars continuation at the time. Either way, The Epic Continues was over before it started, and with it, Kenner’s Star Wars toy line came to

Ian McDiarmid Is Open to the Idea of Palpatine Having Sex

It’s safe to say that most people walking out of The Rise of Skywalker for the first time were left with a lot of questions, but one at the forefront of our minds back in 2019, and frankly, still even now, is perhaps the darkest ever raised by Star Wars: when, exactly, did Palpatine fuck? We’re just glad to know that Ian McDiarmid has been thinking about this too.Spoilers of the Week May 2-6 “Please don’t pursue that line too vigorously,” McDiarmid recently told Empire magazine, about the idea of Rey being Palpatine’s…

Anakin’s Return in Ahsoka Was a Bucket-List Goal for Hayden Christensen

Image: LucasfilmSeeing Hayden Christensen get his due and recognition has been one the best things to come out of the Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau universe of shows. From donning the suit as Darth Vader on Obi-Wan Kenobi to playing a Force ghost as well as Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka, it’s been amazing to see Christensen flex his chops as the Star Wars saga’s tragic figure. What Drew Gillian Jacobs to Invincible? | io9 InterviewAll the sides of Anakin we wished to see Christensen play have started to be included

The Phantom Menace Celebrates 25 Years With a Return to Theaters

The Star Wars fandom got into a tizzy earlier this week when Empire Magazine teased something. Rather than being a look at the future of the franchise—like say, The Acolyte, Andor, or Bad Batch—it was all about the past. Thanks to Empire, we’re going back to the Prequels, babyyyyyyyy!What Drew Gillian Jacobs to Invincible? | io9 InterviewAs part of its larger cover story for the second set of Star Wars movies, Empire’s revealed that Episode I: The Phantom Menace will be making its way back to theaters for a limited time,…

You Won’t Believe These Star Wars Action Figure Upgrades

Hello there, custom-made Obi-Wan Kenobi head by Centerpoint Studios.Image: Centerpoint StudiosA few months back, I was walking around DesignerCon and something impossible caught my eye. It was a Star Wars Black Series figure, but something was off. This looked different. It looked, dare I say, too good. The face looked so much better than usual. The outfit somehow more detailed and interesting. Then I stepped back and realized the entire booth was just that. Action figures that look standard from afar, but up close, are

Lego’s 25th Anniversary Star Wars Sets Deliver Ships, Droids, and a Must-Have Minifigure

Image: LegoIn 1999, Star Wars changed the world all over again with the start of the prequel trilogy in The Phantom Menace—and changed the toy world all over again too. Not just with its own action figures though: 1999 saw Lego reveal its very first licensed subset in Lego Star Wars, and has been pillaging our savings with awesome toys ever since. So, to mark the 25th birthday of it all, the company is... well, pillaging those savings all over again.Today Lego confirmed the first details for a wave of special 25th

Han Solo Is a Literal Work of Art in a Stunning New Sideshow Statue

Image: Sideshowio9: How does the sculpting process work? What kind of tools are used, what is the original raw material, and how are the final pieces made?Arsham: The originals are sometimes a combination of 3D printed elements, some clay work, sometimes there’s some plaster sculpting involved. Then a mold is made of the completed positive. The molds are used to make the final artworks.Van Slee: It’s worth noting that there are three different types of artworks in the Star Wars x Arsham collaboration, each with a slightly

Our First Tease of Ahsoka Season 2 Is a Dave Filoni Sketch

Buried in Tuesday’s news of an upcoming Star Wars movie starring the Mandalorian and Grogu was an update that’s arguably even more exciting. Dave Filoni is hard at work developing a second season of Ahsoka, something that hadn’t yet been made official in the wake of season one.Bryce Dallas Howard on a Feature Star Wars Film and Book of Boba FettThis confirms we’re actually going to see what happens now that Ezra Bridger is reunited with Hera Syndulla, and Grand Admiral Thrawn is back in the proper Star Wars galaxy—and…

The Year Ahead in Star Wars

James Whitbrook is the Deputy Editor of io9, with an expertise in covering Stars of the Wars and Trek varieties, as well as anime, games, and collectibles. You can follow his coverage here, and email tips to [email protected] Mangold on his Future Star Wars Film | io9 InterviewThe Top Story:The year 2024 is a transitory one for Star Wars. As familiar series and eras give way to a few new ideas, all eyes are less on the current moment and more on what’s to come: it’s been five very long years since The Rise…