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india global technology summit: India to host three-day global technology summit starting Monday

India will host a three-day global summit from Monday with a focus on data protection, export controls and technology and its impact on geopolitics. The summit will also deliberate on new and emerging technologies, digital public infrastructure and cross-cutting policy issues related to innovation and national security. The theme of the Global Technology Summit (GTS) will be 'Geopolitics of Technology', the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Friday. Elevate Your Tech Prowess with High-Value Skill CoursesOffering…

Google Street View to post first new pictures from Germany in a decade

Google Street View's cameras have returned to Germany more than a decade after a privacy backlash in the country pushed it to stop updating images.Alphabet Inc.'s update will start with new photos of the streets and landmarks of the country's 20 largest cities and expand from there, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. Google voluntarily suspended Street View photography in Germany in 2011, after an outcry from privacy advocates and opposition from regulators. “We've been back on the road with our vehicles in…

Massachusetts Law Would Ban the Sale of Mobile Location Data

In what would be a legislative first for the country, a proposed law in Massachusetts promises to put a dent in the data brokerage industry by banning the sale of cellular location data. Suffice it to say, it would be really awesome if the bill passes.Teyonah Parris and John Boyega on Working With Jamie Foxx | io9 InterviewCurrently, data brokers can and do sell your cellular location data to whomever they wish. Firms often claimthis data is anonymized but it can easily be de-anonymized and there are firms that

German authorities looking into possible data protection violations by Tesla, ET Auto

Citing the leaked files, the newspaper reported about thousands of customer complaints regarding the carmaker's driver assistance systems with around 4,000 complaints on sudden acceleration or phantom breaking.German authorities have serious indications of possible data protection violations by Tesla, Handelsblatt newspaper reported on Thursday, citing the data protection office in the state where the carmaker has its European gigafactory.Handelsblatt's report said the

Regulators dust off rule books to tackle generative AI like ChatGPT

As the race to develop more powerful artificial intelligence services like ChatGPT accelerates, some regulators are relying on old laws to control a technology that could upend the way societies and businesses operate.The European Union is at the forefront of drafting new AI rules that could set the global benchmark to address privacy and safety concerns that have arisen with the rapid advances in the generative AI technology behind OpenAI's ChatGPT. But it will take several years for the legislation to be enforced. "In…

EU Fines Facebook and Instagram $1.3 Billion for GDPR Failures

The European Union hit Meta, parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, with a history-changing order to suspend data transfers to the US on Monday. The order comes with a €1.2 billion fine—about $1.3 billion—the largest ever fine under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The FTC Just Prescribed a Can of Whoop Ass on Health DataIn April, Meta told investors that the risk of an upcoming privacy decision in the EU could cost the company 10% of its global advertising revenue. The order gives Meta…

western digital: Western Digital to bring services back online soon after security breach

Western Digital Corp said on Friday it had restored My Cloud services and expects customer access to its online store to be normalized in the week of May 15, more than a month after the data storage chip maker disclosed a security breach.Western Digital said it is progressing through the restoration process and majority of the impacted systems and services were operational. The "unauthorized party" obtained customer names, telephone numbers and partial credit card numbers from its systems, Western Digital said in a…

European Data Protection Board Launches ChatGPT Task Force

The EU’s European Data Protection Board, or EDPB, is launching a task force to monitor ChatGPT, a move that indicates that the bloc’s privacy regulators are getting serious about looking into the LLM’spotential privacy violations. The FTC Just Prescribed a Can of Whoop Ass on Health DataThe EDPB announced its new initiative in a brief, two-sentence statement in a press release on Thursday, the same day the Spanish Data Protection Agency, known as the AEPD in Spanish, stated it was launching a preliminary investigation

Italy Demands OpenAI Allow ChatGPT User Corrections After Ban

Italy, the first country in the world to ban ChatGPT, said OpenAI could restore access to the chatbot if it adopts a series of measures to protect data privacy, including allowing users to correct or delete the incorrect things ChatGPT says about them.The FTC Just Prescribed a Can of Whoop Ass on Health DataIn a news announcement on Wednesday, the Italian Data Protection Authority, known as the Garante, stressed that OpenAI needed to be more transparent about its data collection processes and inform users about their data…