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Doctor Who Taps Sooz Kempner For Doom’s Day Transmedia Project

Image: BBCDoctor Who’s 60th anniversary in November 2023 is giving the series a chance to go seemingly as bonkers as it wants. Shove David Tennant in as a new Doctor? Sure. Russell T. Davies is back like it’s 2008? Hell yeah. TikTok and Twitter superstar Sooz Kempner is getting her own series of comics, books, games, and media tie-ins? ...Okay?This morning the BBC announced Doom’s Day, a new transmedia Doctor Who campaign with Kempner—an award-winning comedian, sketch artist, and actor likely best known worldwide for her

The Fifteenth Doctor Will Meet Another Familiar Doctor Who Face

After some rumors around Jemma Redgrave’s return to the Doctor Who franchise, the BBC has confirmed that she will be reprising her role as fan-favorite Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Chief Scientific Officer at the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce and daughter of classic Who’s even more beloved UNIT commander, Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. But Redgrave isn’t the only new star announced.Aneurin Barnard (Peaky Blinders) will be joining the series as Roger ap Gwilliam, although no more information has been

Marvel Studios Has More Halloween Specials in the Works

Screenshot: Marvel StudiosSoon, Werewolf by Night won’t be the only monster in the MCU. The animated Ghostbusters movie is taking shape, while the ARK animated series has a gorgeous new trailer and an unbelievably stacked voice cast. Plus, Guillermo del Toro’s back at work, Charlie Cox keeps talking Daredevil: Born Again, and more. Spoilers, ho!Ghostbusters: The Animated MovieIn conversation with The Wrap, director Jennifer Kluska revealed Sony’s animated Ghostbusters film will enjoy a unique visual and tonal style in

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary–Beep the Meep, Monsters Explained

Screenshot: BBCWhen the BBC dropped our first big look at the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials over Christmas, there were plenty of surprises—more looks at David Tennant’s new-old Doctor, teases for just how Donna Noble re-enters the Time Lord’s orbit, Neil Patrick Harris’ mysterious showman. But perhaps the biggest of all? Just how deep down the rabbit hole Russell T. Davies is going.That’s because the trailer gives us two glimpses at strange alien forces playing a role in the upcoming celebrations. At first glance,

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Trailer: David Tennant Returns

Screenshot: BBCCome 2023, the BBC’s sci-fi series Doctor Who will be a whopping 60 years old. The network has spent months playing coy about what awaits in the 60th anniversary special, but it decided some kind of present was in order, hence the special’s first trailer.Other than its big milestone, the big boast of the special is the first turn of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor after his sudden return at the end of Jodie Whitaker’s final episode back in October. Looking as sprightly as ever and confused about the

Best and Worst News of 2022

Black Adam - Official Trailer 2It started so simply. Variety reported that the DC film, which has earned less than $400 million worldwide, was a bomb that was going to lose Warner Bros. around $200 million. This happens, even to stars as usually consistently bankable as Dwayne Johnson. But the actor and the studio went into full-on denial mode for some reason, insisting that thanks to home video, rentals, and the sales of Black Adam merchandise, the movie was going to make money… except none of these things are ever…

First Look at Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor

Image: BBCThe BBC has released the first official look for Ncuti Gatwa’s season of Doctor Who, where he’ll be taking over for Jodie Whitaker as the Fifteenth Doctor. Also pictured is his companion Ruby Sunday, as played by Millie Gibson.Gatwa’s casting was first confirmed all the way back in May amidst endless rumors and speculation, back when it initially seemed like he’d be the Fourteenth Doctor before it was revealed that David Tennant was making his return. Since then, details on Gatwa’s incarnation have been

Doctor Who Celebrates Its 59th Anniversary With 60th Teases

Image: BBCFifty-nine years ago today, families across the UK sat down to tune into “An Unearthly Child,” the beginning of an adventure across space and time decades in the making for Doctor Who. We’ve come a long way since then, and gained double the Davids Tennant since we last celebrated, and the BBC really wants you to remember that.To mark the 59th anniversary of the series today, the BBC has largely celebrated by looking ahead to next year’s big 6-0. You want a new logo? You got it, Whovians, it’s basically the same

Millie Gibson Revealed as New Doctor Who Companion

Photo: BBCSurprise! If you were still waiting on all the news for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, in time-twisting form the BBC is already teasing us with news for what’s to come beyond it—like a new face joining team TARDIS.Announced by the BBC during tonight’s annual “Children in Need” telethon event, Millie Gibson will play the new companion alongside Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor. No details were revealed about the character, beyond the fact that their name is Ruby Sunday.“Whilst still being in total disbelief, I am beyond

David Tennant Helped Script 14th Doctor Who Regeneration

Screenshot: BBCAll of Doctor Who’s post-regeneration scenes are brief little windows in what to possibly expect from a new Doctor—but when you’re David Tennant and getting the chance to play not one, but two Doctors, you’re going to want to have a little callback to the last time you did this.Tennant’s debut as the 14th Doctor in the climax of “The Power of the Doctor” is brief, but of course touches upon the confusion of both the Doctor and the audience that they suddenly look like one of their past selves again. Gazing