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Electrical Pulses That Trigger Venus Flytrap Mapped For The First Time : ScienceAlert

Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are some of the most ferocious plants on Earth. These carnivorous plants appear most fearsome in the moments before they pounce, when they are poised to ensnare their prey.Fangs agape, the Venus flytrap waits. Until an insect or spider tickles one of its sensory hairs – once, twice – then the plant strikes, snapping shut to devour the intruder.Now, the electrical signals triggering that deadly move have been mapped in Venus flytraps for the first time, by a team of researchers led…

Solar, wind likely to provide 25% of US electrical generating capacity within 3 years

Utility-scale solar and wind are on track to provide 25% of the US’s installed electrical generating capacity within three years, according to newly released FERC data. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) latest monthly “Energy Infrastructure Update” (with data through May 31, 2023) reports that wind now accounts for 11.63% of total installed generating capacity, and utility-scale solar provides another 6.86%. Over the next three years – by May 2026 – FERC anticipates “high…

New Schneider solution retrofits existing electrical panels to add smart capabilities

Schneider Electric/ZDNETSchneider Electric hope its new solution will help sway doubters: "Unlike some smart panels, this allows homeowners to control only the loads they need to control with the app, making this a cost-effective solution for app-based monitoring and control of home energy usage," said Ndaw. The new Square D Control Relays snap directly onto the Square D QO Plug-on neutral breakers, and the Schneider Energy Monitor can be added at the same time. Together, this solution give homeowners the same

Gangs of Tiny Worms Ride Electrical Fields to Hitchhike on Passing Bees : ScienceAlert

To something the size of a human, static electricity is, at most, a hair-raising experience. When you're a tiny nematode, electrical fields are positively uplifting. Literally.The most famous nematode of all – Caenorhabditis elegans – has been caught using electrical fields to its advantage. The tiny worm can somehow piggyback on electrical fields to jump a surprising distance, across a petri dish, for example, or onto the back of a bumblebee for a ride to a new locale.It's not entirely clear how the nematodes do this,…

Electrical Grid Parts Shortages Are Slowing Truck-Charging Projects

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Megawatt electrical motor could help electrify aviation

MIT aeroengineers are creating a 1-megawatt electrical motor that is a stepping stone toward electrifying commercial airliners. Pictured are some industrial concepts for hybrid-electric aircraft. Credit: Airbus SAS 2023 Aviation's huge carbon footprint could shrink significantly with electrification. To date, however, only small all-electric planes have gotten off the ground. Their electric motors generate hundreds of…

This plug-and-play meter collar makes electrical panel upgrades for EVs and solar unnecessary

Philadelphia-based ConnectDER, which sells plug-and-play meter collar adapters for EV chargers, solar, and battery storage, just closed a $27 million Series C funding round. ConnectDER makes meter collars (pictured above) that are installed between the home’s meter and the meter socket to create a single access point for distributed energy resources (DER) installation. Expensive electrical panel upgrades are frequently needed in homes in order to support the additional energy demand of DER…

Mushrooms Appear to Have Electrical ‘Conversations’ After It Rains : ScienceAlert

A forest often echoes with the sounds of its inhabitants, especially after rainfall. Birds coo and caw, insects chirp and buzz, frogs blip and bellow.But not all forest conversations are audible – nor do they all include animals.In a new study, scientists in Japan found intriguing hints that rain may prompt some fungi to communicate using underground electrical signals.The researchers focused on small, tan mushrooms known as bicoloured deceivers (Laccaria bicolor), which they found growing on the floor of a secondary…

Scientists Just Unveiled The World’s First Wooden Electrical Transistor : ScienceAlert

Wood is good for a lot of things. Building boxes, boats, and bookcases, for instance. Making tools, or campfires. Feeding termites. And beavers.You'll note powering functional electrical appliances isn't among them.Researchers at Linköping University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden clearly never paid much attention to lists of things wood is bad at, so they went ahead and made the world's first wooden transistor.To be upfront, the team behind the innovation added a special ingredient to get around the…

Journey of the electrical motor- Torque, field weakening, and motor design, ET Auto

Representative Image.By Dr. Ing Praveen KumarIn the third article, we started our discussion on field weakening, using a simple motor illustrated in Figure 1 to explain the concept. We delved into the relative angle between the two sets of poles (or magnets), which warrants further examination. As mentioned in the second article, a motor generates two types of torque: interaction torque and reluctance torque. Interaction torque necessitates two magnetic fields interacting